Tweets on 2011-04-30

  • Passed a micro street party on Haydn Rd. Trestle table, bunting, union flag table cloth. Outside one house. 8 people max in attendance. #
  • RT @TheOnion: 18,000 People Cheer Thing Going Through Thing #

  • RT @Psythor: RT @deadbloke: love that picture, crowds flock to see Royal Wedding in Bradford #
  • *sigh* popped on Twitter after a spot of leafleting, and now feel unfortunately sober. #
  • I think @iaindale should call his new site Dalicious. #
  • Pff, I'd be more impressed if they'd got Kim Jong Il to guest star. It's not like Condaleeza is busy. #
  • Saddle up! To the Print Cave! #
  • @NCCLols he's actually surprisingly nice in person, even if many of his views are reprehensible. #
  • Fourth day inna row. (@ Top Secret Lib Dem Print Cave) #
  • Lots of interest in the RW today. They will be pleased over at the Ringing World. #
  • @helenduffett that just shores up my assertion that YOU are making the toasters. #
  • @A_C_McGregor don't tell them that! #
  • Wow, that cat referendum video ended up on the mother lode of lolcats. #
  • RT @po8crg: What would happen if a meteorite had hit Westminister Abbey earlier today? King James VIII, apparently. #
  • Ridin' the Leaflethog #
  • The eerie early morning still, on a street not noticeably near water, is broken by a solitary duck sitting on a roof, quacking its head off #

  • Showing @helenduffett the sights #

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Tweets on 2011-04-29

  • @dr_nick room for an island? #
  • Viva las Print Cave! (@ Top Secret Lib Dem Print Cave) [pic]: #
  • Ooh, I get bonus Foursquare points for coming here three times this week. W00t. #
  • Startling neighbourhood cats, as I emerge, blinking, from la grotte d'impression. #
  • @NCCLols don't think it's council money, tho? It's to celebrate some firework family's mother's birthday as well as t'wedding #
  • Get home to find predominantly white cat is, erm, not presently predominantly white. What has he been doing!? #
  • So it seems, if you get a monkey-tail beard, you have to stop smiling. #
  • RT @centre_alt_tech: Anyone care to share their experiences of growing illegal veg? Or any ideas on how to change the legislation? #
  • RT @centre_alt_tech: Fancy breaking the law? Illegal vegetables and how to grow them. New blog post: #
  • RT @binny_uk: RT @MattWBP: Jesus wasn't born in America, yet you don't see Republicans trying to keep him out of government… #

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Tweets on 2011-04-28

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Tweets on 2011-04-27

  • The only thing in the royal wedding I am looking forward is the Giles and Sue show on the subject. #
  • Oh, for a ground floor print cave 😦 (@ Top Secret Lib Dem Print Cave) #
  • That was a definite SPRANG-whirrwhirr. #riso #
  • Still encaved #
  • RT @sueperkins: I am loving Cooking In Prison <<< quickest fall from princess to old lag EVAR?? #
  • Watched Seven – Feature: #
  • Nottingham City Council fails to meet deadline on FOI about how often they fail to meet deadline #

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Tweets on 2011-04-26

  • We have been drinking non-alcoholic improvised cocktails, but unsure whether to call it Vimger Beer or Gimto. #
  • @DrewCR2 he's into her because she treats him mean. Kurt has left school and gone to an all boys school with fewer bullies #whydoiknowthis #
  • @DrewCR2 have you seen the Christmas song? #
  • finished The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly #Kindle #
  • Eek, someone referred to #WATO as a "show". #
  • @Meryl_F @JChris_J Chrome is ace. #

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Tweets on 2011-04-25

  • @journodave expensive? #
  • Strategically placing the Hot AV Buns and a cup of tea in lounge, then mopping myself out of the kitchen. #
  • @CharlotteGore what happens if whole country decides it can do without MPs? #
  • RT @libdemvoice: Top of the Blogs: The Lib Dem Golden Dozen #218 #
  • @Bubbalou like hot cross buns but with numbers not crosses. see my blog for pics/recipe #
  • Ooh, @eric_lanlard is back with a new series tomorrow. Loved last year's Glamour Puds, high hopes for Baking Mad. #
  • Blimey. Mopped conneh and kitchen then went upstairs to mop bathroom. Conneh floor was dry before I got back downstairs. #
  • @dr_nick excellent! but caching in the dark!? #
  • Every night I look at my phone in bafflement and think "How do I set the alarm again?" Just press the clock #notrocketscience #
  • @dr_nick android app 🙂 #

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Tweets on 2011-04-24

  • There's a warning for rain today – has anyone actually had it? #
  • *sigh* have left "think of nice things to do with frozen spinach" unactioned on the bottom of two weeks' meal plans. #
  • @MadameNottm different sort of bondage? #
  • OOh, crackles of thunder. #
  • Gah! Bank holiday meat fest thwarted by frozen duck! #
  • RT @facesake: A-aaaah! RT @miltonline: *flash* #
  • Message coming through loud and clear: Ricotta makes spinach edible #
  • Webcam for Abbey Road, London – almost always seems to have people re-enacting Beatles on it. #
  • RT @ChristofHughes: @alexfoster ricotta and spinach cannelloni = delicious. <<< exactly what I'm making now, since duck still frozen! #
  • Some kind words about some of m'colleagues at Nottingham Graffiti #
  • @ChristofHughes ach, sorry, all gone, nothing to photo! But was spinach+ricotta cannelloni, with tomato sauce from a jar and parmesan gratin #

  • Le sigh. I was hoping to actually use this computer today. It all started with iTunes #

  • Aaaargh, they're not even quick updates. #

  • …and still waiting. #
  • @ChristofHughes are you fasting? If it's any consolation, we're stuffed. #
  • … and I'm vaguely back. #
  • @CharlotteGore does it make a difference? infinity times infinity is still infinity. #
  • Easter ringing (@ Daybrook St Pauls) #
  • @benrav you can buy seeds here but can't sow outside for a few months yet. #

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