Librivox is a volunteer-based site that gets individuals to read chapters from books from Project Gutenberg into MP3s.

You can get a feed of what I’ve recorded for them here.

I have contributed chapters to the following books:

I have read the following entirely by myself

I have promised to read chapters in the following

I am helping to co-ordinate the following projects

My Podcast

Subscribe to Nilespod with this link.

The first episode is here.

The second episode is here.

Troubled Diva explains how to subscribe to them using iTunes here.

Or you could use iPodder.

He also kindly tells you how to make them here. I more or less followed his instructions except that instead of using the mix program he suggested, I used Acoustica MP3 Mixer which is cheaper, and a graphical based utility rather than a playlist based one. It also has an inbuilt sound recording module free from the Windows Sound Recorder limit of 60 seconds.

More about the phenomenon of podcasting on Wikipedia.


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