Today’s insomniac activity

Trying to hurry sleep along by making pikelets. Or at least fixing the dough ready for later today when I get back up again.

I’m not really remotely insomniac, I sleep far, far too much.  Just at the wrong time of day.  Over August, it’s not been too much of a problem, and I’ve let myself get into the nocturnal patterns that come naturally to me.

But in September, other responsibilities resume, and I can’t get away with sleeping right the way through the morning quite so often.  Early to bed tomorrow!


Tweets on 2008-08-30

  • Tickled by the factoid that most people have an above average number of feet. #
  • Also liking the thing that came in over Twitter – presuably, Condi said no to McCain. #
  • Dinner and a show to celebrate our 6th anniversary. #
  • Hoping there’s something light and healthy on the dessert menu. Like cheesecake or panna cotta. #

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Tweets on 2008-08-29

  • Strange dreams all night about driving my brother’s convertible. When it was time to wake up, couldn’t find anywhere safe to park it. Weird #
  • Oooh, female veep, has that happened before? Apart from Geena Davis, of course #
  • @thoroughlygood – is it significantly better than the old york philharmonic? #

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Tweets on 2008-08-28

  • ed Jillian. Or even a daughter. #
  • Bit freaked to hear my dad’s name on news in context of missing, burnt out house, etc, but then remember he doesn’t have horses or stabl … #
  • @willhowells I gave up on loren issum for Focuses after too much derision. #
  • @willhowells Exquisite! #
  • @iaindale World Tonight said around 3.15am UK time #
  • @kayray is actually someone else with same name as my dad, but from similar part of world #

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Tweets on 2008-08-24

  • Eating 6-year-old wedding cake at a christening #
  • Watching a small boy fill balloons from a garage water tap while we refuel. #
  • Eep, these filled water balloons are now going into combat trouser pockets. #
  • Back from christening trip to face indignant cats and account for my absence. #
  • Wondering if any of the combines either side of the A14 were being driven by @iaindale #
  • @iaindale that’s pretty horrendous! 😦 just posting your blog meme to #
  • The cats are hungry again already. Urgent miaoing reminds me I’ve been sat in front of this computer for 4 hours! #
  • @willhowells damn, I’m not currently with my X-Files expert friends and can’t pretend to know what I’m talking about atmo 😦 #
  • Snuffing my black candle out and looking around suspiciously. #
  • Playing with and not at all sure I understand what is going on #

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