Solar panel performance 07

Rather impressed to hear the solar panel working today, New Year’s Eve, on a grey, overcast day with no hint of sun.  It ran for less than an hour so if I hadn’t heard it, it wouldn’t have been recorded in the stats.

Since it started working in September, its mini-computer calculates that it has generated 385kW of heat for the hot water tank.

Using Nottingham Energy Partnership‘s energy ready reckoner, that’s about  £10.72 worth of gas.  We will have to see how well it performs when confronted with an actual summer.


Today’s factoid – “factoid” is a real word, accepted by Facebook scrabble, that has just earned me 96 points.

Woo me!

Happy new year to all of you!

Sitting in Judgement

This week, I’m a guest judge on Post of the Week, a worthy project that appears to be uncertain about its future.

The shortlist is a rum bunch – famous bloggers, funny bloggers, drunk bloggers, downright weird bloggers and one or two where I have no idea whatsoever is going on. Several posts take me well outside my comfort zone.

The real stellar find, in my humble view, is local blog May Contain Notts which is a devastating combination of acerbic humour and the local Notts accent. I have seen his blog before, but forgot to take a note of it, so it’s nice to be given a pointer back to him.

Christmas cards

I’ve not quite finished my cards – this is later still than last year!

Today the biggest crop of cards yet arrived, and mine still haven’t gone out. They have no chance of being there in time, not least because I’m too frugal for first class stamps. There’s something embarrassingly passive aggressive about sending them out so late when you’re certain that the people you’re sending them to will have no possible chance of returning the favour.

I’m sending mine to a wider than normal crowd of people because I want to warn rellies and friends of my impending middle age, which I intend to celebrate on 2nd August next year. Mark your diaries now, my friends.

PS: Here’s a link to this year’s naff “round robin” that I’m including to my nearest and dearest.