Tweets on 2011-05-31

  • Ooh, the rings are being flown down by owl. #
  • Minutes into the wedding breakfast and someone has already set fire to a favour bag #

  • Dalhousie in the summer sun #
  • Good, grief, Scottish country dancing that begins with the Gay Gordons? We usually work up to that! #
  • The buffet now? But we just had dinner? And We're still sick from ceilidhing too hard. #
  • Thought we'd visit on way home. Worried by how insanely busy the car park is. (@ Alnwick Gardens) #
  • Oh, boy, there's a thousand million children. Is it half term or something? #

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Tweets on 2011-05-30

  • In my eagerness to get home yesterday, I forgot to not park under the trees, so am now covered in bird muck again.:( #
  • And now off to Edinbourg for a wedding #crazyitinerary #whatwasIthinking #fittingitallin #busiernowthanwhenIhadajob #
  • I'm at Kweilin (19 – 21 Dundas Street, Edinburgh) #
  • RT @themiltonjones: Dropped pie on insurance forms. Terms and conditions appley #
  • Full English (@ Kirkhill Mansion) #
  • @dr_nick search my Flickr for falcon, got lots of pics last year. Anything specific else? in reply to dr_nick #
  • V multicultural breakfast shared with Americans and a French woman astounded by how much food came out. #
  • @JChris_J @Meryl_F sunny up here and wind has dropped. in reply to JChris_J #
  • RT @TwopTwips: FIFA. Improve your public image and shift the blame by simply forming a coalition with the Liberal Democrats. /via @IHPower #
  • Punched out pill marked "Mon" today and only previous one missing was "Sun". Now have Happy Days on brain. #earworm #

  • I so want to replace the shed with one of these – think It's a camping pod. #

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Tweets on 2011-05-29

  • Uncharacteristically unlaid back at ports and airports. Lots of things to flap about. #
  • On our return motorway trip, the badge Liber-t worked fine. It actually beeps as you go through the toll gate. #
  • Roof down, sunhat and sunglasses on. 90 minute check-in time seems largely optional. Le Havre church bells tolling. #
  • @CalumMercer got mine years ago and this is first use. Runs off a UK credit card. in reply to CalumMercer #
  • @hughmcguire @LooneyListener @librivox will hopefully have time to do more RSN. in reply to hughmcguire #
  • Bleurgh, journey on vaguely choppy waters reminds me I'm not much of a sailor. #
  • Home safe. Gin, pasta, bed. #
  • @catofstripes oh thank goodness – we saw them breakfast time, but they were off doing their thing by the time we left. #

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Tweets on 2011-05-28

  • Checkout lady very sniffy at my booze cruisin' conveyor belt o' bottles. #
  • Carrefour St Lo has a machine which dispenses raw milk. #
  • @canfan is the volume enough to make up for discount? hafta confess I waited for price to drop #unemployed #
  • Everywhere crazy busy today, guess French gearing up for bank hol weekend too, maybe even some jours ponts. #
  • Resto agréable (@ Le Lion D'Or Hotel Bayeux) #
  • @alixmortimer ooh, would be a lovely place for a honeymoon. in reply to alixmortimer #

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Tweets on 2011-05-27

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