A Nottingham Labour councillor has started mentioning my website whenever he sees me. I’m not quite sure why. He has a website too — but his just mentions his work. It’s here.


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My brother is back from his Everest trip and starting to post his photos to Flickr.

This one’s stunning, as are many of the others. Click the link for his pictures, his write-up of his trip is in my links at the side of the page.

It’s going on for so long

Well. The thing that really strikes me about this general election mularkey is how long it’s going on. Our office is helping to run the campaign in about 12 constituencies, intensively in 5, and less hands-on in the rest. We’ve written, designed, printed, bundled and delivered hundreds of thousands of leaflets. Barely a day goes past without another huge delivery from the commercial printers as well as the mechanic getting fed up with how many calls he has to make to look at our long suffering in-house machines. The postal votes are being delivered this weekend, the first lots of election addresses have been with the Royal Mail for a week or more and in many cases are already appearing on the doorstep. Hundreds of posters have gone out, stakes are being put up in gardens.

And the handy little ticker on the website says there are still 13 days to go.