Tweets on 2011-04-25

  • @journodave expensive? #
  • Strategically placing the Hot AV Buns and a cup of tea in lounge, then mopping myself out of the kitchen. #
  • @CharlotteGore what happens if whole country decides it can do without MPs? #
  • RT @libdemvoice: Top of the Blogs: The Lib Dem Golden Dozen #218 #
  • @Bubbalou like hot cross buns but with numbers not crosses. see my blog for pics/recipe #
  • Ooh, @eric_lanlard is back with a new series tomorrow. Loved last year's Glamour Puds, high hopes for Baking Mad. #
  • Blimey. Mopped conneh and kitchen then went upstairs to mop bathroom. Conneh floor was dry before I got back downstairs. #
  • @dr_nick excellent! but caching in the dark!? #
  • Every night I look at my phone in bafflement and think "How do I set the alarm again?" Just press the clock #notrocketscience #
  • @dr_nick android app 🙂 #

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