Elections, me and the Pod Delusion

I’ve been talking on the Pod Delusion again this week, this time about some of the processes involved in standing for election to your local council. It’s more complicated than some people realise, and my process piece explains some of the intricacies.

The full podcast is available here.

Most of the time, I just scribble something down and send it in to PD and all is well.

This time, unfortunately, I got a bit carried away, and ended up writing seven pages of text before recording fifteen minutes of sound. Clearly that would not fit in a podcast where they try and keep the pace going and a variety of different reports, so I was asked to edit it down. This meant cutting two large digressions about elections by thirds and some of the candidates for election in Nottingham. Happily, the unexpurgated report is also available for download at the link above.

It’s not the first time I’ve spoken about election processes for the Pod Delusion. Last year, they ran a piece from me on what happens on polling day, taking in the count and the work of polling officers. You can find that on Episode 32.

I also did a bit of spiel on how political parties target leaflets mostly about Election Communications delivered during general elections to voters by the Royal Mail.


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