Tweets on 2011-02-28

  • Leaflethog in my Pod Delusion hoody listening to the Pod Delusion. Probably overkill. #
  • @moviemistakes is that (I have) read everything he's written. or (you should) read everything he's written! I'm prob waiting for paperback. #
  • Just missed the worst of the rain in this afternoon's well-attended campaign extravaganza. #
  • @dr_nick yup, still using ipod touch for podcasts. Always running out of space/battery on my phone. #
  • Doing the other sort of knocking up. You know, the printer/paper one, not the polling day one. #
  • @iaindale yes, it happened to me too. Delete the facebook app then reinstall it – eventually worked for me, but took 3 goes or so. #
  • @10anta Orange. Better now than it was last summer, but still struggles for data. #
  • @10anta where did you move t? #

  • First step in dessert for Tuesday's Pudding Club #

  • Amazing the dark colour the vodka has taken on after only a week or so of pickling the tarantula legs #
  • @CayoKath I'm actually making this: – it just looks like a tarantula in a jar. #

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Tweets on 2011-02-27

  • Reheating some tasty leftover curry that came in these awesome stacking pots #

  • Om nom nom. (wretched phone made that the rather different "ok, bin" the first time round.) #
  • @Psythor yeah – a Kindle is totes the answer to that dilemma, and not, say, a pen! #
  • Alone in a midnight showing. Last time that happened to me was 1999. (@ Cineworld Nottingham) #
  • Wonder if I can ask them to turn it down. #
  • The film.I went to see was Animal Kingdom and it was awesome. #

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Tweets on 2011-02-26

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Tweets on 2011-02-25

  • RT @CouncilMouse: Protest march reaches outside county hall. Whistles and chanting starts to drift into chamber. #
  • RT @CouncilMouse: Did your cash help Labour Party win the 2007 local election? #
  • Brief moment of confusion, scanning car park for red Renault, befor #
  • e remembering my car is now a silver Citroën. #
  • Brief moment of confusion, scanning car park for red Renault, before remembering my car is now a silver Citroën. #
  • RT @CouncilMouse: [County Council] Labour refuses to give an alternative budget proposal. Coun Bosnjak denies shouts of "cop out". #
  • RT @owenblacker: RT @semadivad: "Ou est Assange?" "Le singe est dans l'arbre avec everyone's secrets…" #
  • Tea Partier Or Taliban? [PIC] #

  • Tonight, dinner is Eccentricly Marinated Chicken #
  • @miltonline do you want uncomfortable lesbianism or feelgood historical? #
  • Ooh, it looks like the new Sainsburys near Savoy is underway. (@ Lenton Methodist Church) #
  • @Psythor it is also, arguably, racist against romany people. But how right on do you wanna be? #
  • RT @millenniumdome: Oh thank you iPad spell check, for rendering Gadaffi as Bacardi and making me look INSANE #
  • mmmm, bacardi. #
  • @miltonline the best kind. #
  • @mpntod sudden arboreal stop. But can you stop at just one episode? #
  • @miltonline total recall #
  • @helenduffett oh dear me how tiresome #
  • @miltonline Sum like it hot #
  • @miltonline Big Sleep #
  • @miltonline once upon a time in america #
  • "Delicious Bacon: Death By Breakfast" via @hackedirl #
  • RT @qikipedia: Too bad that all the people who know how to run this country are busy driving taxis and cutting hair – GEORGE BURNS #
  • Protesters and placards at the main gate. (@ Notts Fire and Rescue HQ) #

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Tweets on 2011-02-24

  • @arranfrood yes, I agree. There are 9 comments. #
  • RT @tom_geraghty: Wow. Ealing council was fined £80k when an unencrypted laptop was stolen from an employee's home. #
  • Eek, terribly quiet development control meeting. Only two planning applications before us today. #
  • I'm at Loxley House (Station Street, Nottingham) #
  • Musicians or programmers? Flight of the Bumblebee WIN – Win! #
  • @LilianGreenwood @Alexander_Ball how about a fire engine? #
  • Good grief. It appears you can buy a KitchenAid in Nottingham City Council's horrible puke green. #
  • Whenever #bbcradio4 falls off the air, they play a trail for Front Row. Does that make Mark Lawson R4's Fail Whale? #
  • @markpack what's the bit about "Fifty years ago, Margaret Thatcher changed the law"? 50 years ago, MT was an opposition MP…? #
  • @markpack interesting. Also interesting that the bracket mucked up the link compeltely! #
  • @sarabedford public speaking is still banned at Nottingham meetings. Only just got public questions, read aloud by Lord Mayor! #
  • @helenduffett they know when you're trying to sleep. Or they're getting ready for you to do your Cinderella scene. #

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“Pretty neat, huh?”

A four minute information overload on the health and wealth of nations over the last two-hundred years. In the closing seconds, we’re told this easily accessible information involves over 120,000 numbers. Impressive, certainly.

I shall have to see if I can dig out the Joy of Stats off the iPlayer. And then see if I can find an hour when I can actually concentrate on it.

Tweets on 2011-02-23

  • Just had vivid recollection that the (a?) Last time I delivered this route I was listening to Food Programme re Whoopie Cakes. #
  • This time: the wonderful Eddie Mair, his sidekick Jennifer Tracey in vintage iPM #
  • Oh wonderful – Ian Hislop on A Good Read, and he has chosen 1066 And All That. #
  • @trioptimum that's not unusual: simultaneous translation takes a lot out of you, so they swap you out every few hours. #
  • @Meryl_F platelet count of 1,200, not 12,000? #

  • First go at making Whoopie Pies #
  • Gandalf needs morphological data NOT an alternative voting system #argh2av #
  • @dr_nick well, god knows – Internet said "a normal count is about 150000 to 450000" and Mum's was two orders of magnitude away! #
  • @Psythor let me know if you get an answer to the phone buzz q. (we so need training on sound recording) #
  • @qikipedia it's not beyond parody, it's actively being parodied – eg #
  • RT @qikipedia: This is funny. Automated No-to-AV ad parody machine. #
  • RT @mpntod: Oh deary me. An Angry Birds Birthday cake. Will need to line one up for @MichaelaT's birthday in October! #
  • RT @TwopTwips: CONVINCE your wife you are a newsreader by pretending to talk to her as you dim the lights. #
  • @adamrio I nearly sent you some music but you probably wouldn't have liked it. #
  • Adding vermouth to my list of things I shouldn't buy because I just eat/drink it all to quickly. Like chocolate, sambuca, biscuits, gin… #
  • VERmuth or verMOOTH? #

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Tweets on 2011-02-22

  • @nickparkhouse rephrase the sentence. Many wooden and metal bike storage units are available in the UK today. #
  • @journodave "Gaddafi line"? As in "change at Liverpool Street for the Gaddafi line"? #
  • Have somehow managed to confuse myself about whether you need to go down or up to get from floor to 2 to 3. #
  • @ianvisits I think you foment revolution, rather than fermenting it. #
  • RT @GaryDelaney: I used to really fancy a quantum physicist, but sometimes it was like she didn't even know I existed. #

  • RT @trewavas: @alexfoster this is the floor system in my uni building: #
  • @stephentall you making a kitchen or a tube station? #disguisingjealousywithwaspishness #
  • @trewavas seriously or is that a joke photo?! #
  • @tom_geraghty I thought UPS was supposed to be just enough to boot down safely? #
  • Couch Biopsy #
  • @10anta @A_C_McGregor @mathew4barwell @luke_tyson Nottm Lib Drinks 10 Mar, Fellows Morton & Clayton. #
  • @10anta I've been here all along #
  • @10anta explain this "career" to me again? #
  • RT @AmazonKindle: Check out blog post “Don’t send the developing world PCs: send them Kindles” #
  • Woohoo MEGA FRUIT BONUS!! Ahem. I mean, "Ooh, this leaflet I'm designing is coming along nicely." #
  • RT @qikipedia: In the last 5 years, the Royal Mail spent £5m buying 5bn red rubber bands. Postmen use 2m of them every day. #
  • Scary aerial shot of fallen Christchurch, NZ tower. One of the few churches outside the UK to have Eng bellringing. #
  • RT @Psythor: @alexfoster Liz is in Christchurch now (she's fine). She took this picture of the church yesterday: #
  • @Psythor @sillypunk was my first thought when I heard on the news, glad to hear she's OK. #

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Tweets on 2011-02-21

  • @darrenram Lenton Lane recycling stats are amazing – over 90% of what's taken there, iirc. #
  • @DrEvanHarris is there an argument that having people on the reg who aren't a risk are diluting its effectiveness? #
  • 365 Days without shaving or triming. #
  • Heard a new Marianne Faithful song on Woman's Hour this week. Didn't like it much, but boy is it stuck on my brain now. #earworm #
  • @A_C_McGregor no. Of 353 English councils 20 odd are in coalition, 20 minority control. #
  • RT @qwghlm: Everyone seems to be hating on Michael Winner. Every time someone does I am reminded of this #
  • @10anta Kittens are exhausting! #
  • I'm at Notts Fire and Rescue HQ (Bestwood Lodge, Arnold, Nottingham) #
  • It's bloody snowing #uksnow NG5 2/10 #
  • @nickparkhouse there is a range. there are a lot of units. #

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