Tweets on 2011-04-30

  • Passed a micro street party on Haydn Rd. Trestle table, bunting, union flag table cloth. Outside one house. 8 people max in attendance. #
  • RT @TheOnion: 18,000 People Cheer Thing Going Through Thing #

  • RT @Psythor: RT @deadbloke: love that picture, crowds flock to see Royal Wedding in Bradford #
  • *sigh* popped on Twitter after a spot of leafleting, and now feel unfortunately sober. #
  • I think @iaindale should call his new site Dalicious. #
  • Pff, I'd be more impressed if they'd got Kim Jong Il to guest star. It's not like Condaleeza is busy. #
  • Saddle up! To the Print Cave! #
  • @NCCLols he's actually surprisingly nice in person, even if many of his views are reprehensible. #
  • Fourth day inna row. (@ Top Secret Lib Dem Print Cave) #
  • Lots of interest in the RW today. They will be pleased over at the Ringing World. #
  • @helenduffett that just shores up my assertion that YOU are making the toasters. #
  • @A_C_McGregor don't tell them that! #
  • Wow, that cat referendum video ended up on the mother lode of lolcats. #
  • RT @po8crg: What would happen if a meteorite had hit Westminister Abbey earlier today? King James VIII, apparently. #
  • Ridin' the Leaflethog #
  • The eerie early morning still, on a street not noticeably near water, is broken by a solitary duck sitting on a roof, quacking its head off #

  • Showing @helenduffett the sights #

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