Gay Haiku

As we all know,

To express oneself
in seventeen syllables
is very diffic

However, there are some great ones in here, and I’ve just seen the promo ones on websites.

How is it you knew
I wasn’t faithful? Oh, yeah:
Bite marks on my ass.

The guy blogs, has his own website, he teaches aerobics, is impossibly pretty, has a degree from Harvard

I’m very jealous reciting Desiderata through gritted teeth:

If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain or bitter,
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

Anyway, sample gay haiku:

How can we fix us?
The fights, the silence… I know
Let’s get a puppy!



I’m quite advanced now with Lost and I have a sneaking feeling I’ll have watched the entire first season before I turn in later this morning.

Nitroglycerin is extremely temperamental.

It’s had some interesting moments and I’m intrigued to know whether it’s going to answer any of its own questions. Much in the mold of 24, you get the idea that they weren’t always sure they knew where they were going at any given point, and the tension between episodes was more important than any narrative coherence.

I’m half persuaded that I want a ‘The Numbers Are Bad’ t-shirt

Charlie: Gunpowder?
Sayeed: This is not going to be pleasant

Heyer there

Wenlock, an umrat and a gentleman, posted a week or two ago about men not reading Georgette Heyer very much. He said:

Those very few men that I know who have ventured inside a Heyer novel have enjoyed them immensly.

Last week I was at Basford Library for a councillor advice surgery, and as is sometimes the way, there wasn’t anyone to see me. So I picked up a Heyer novel to see what it was like.

And it was good. I got through 60-odd pages in the hour alotted to me. It seemed an entertaining romp much in the way Jane Austen is. Parties, fools, an all-round good egg hero trying to avoid being married off to a silly empty-headed girl by his silly mother and silly sister. A mystery as well… why has the toll booth keeper disappeared leaving his young charge watching the gate?

Unfortunately, I’m not easily going to find out, because I didn’t have my library card with me, and couldn’t borrow the book. I emptied my wallet of clutter as a precaution when I went to France, and hadn’t got around to putting it back in. Besides, I have an expensive habit of forgetting all about library books until months after they should have gone back.

Jars and bottles

Last week, I went to Ikea to buy fancy kitchen storage jars. I’ve started buying pulses and stuff in huge, hugely cheap 2kg bags. Unfortunately this means leaving open bags of lentils on the worktops. And lentils get everywhere.

So, I went to Ikea to buy jars to put things in, and came back with a shelf load of large jars and some matching smaller ones. Big jars full of colourful lentils and red beans and so on look smart enough to have out on display, freeing up some cupboard space.

Only I bought too many jars. I figured ‘can’t have too many’.

Today I found myself buying more, different pulses, just to use the jars up.

Anyone got good chick-pea recipes? I thought not…


I made strawberry jam this evening. It’s just now cooled enough to sample, and it’s wonderful. It’s set just enough to resist the knife, but loose enough to close back over the hole in the jar when you’re done. It’s such a lurid colour that I’d have assumed food colouring was involved somehow, if it hadn’t been for the fact that I’d made it myself exclusively from fruit and pectin-enhanced sugar.

The initial plan was actually to make bramble jelly, but I didn’t find any blackberries. I drove almost to Leicestershire, found a layby and footpath, but no accessible berries. This is frustrating. There must be thousands of blackberries nearer here than that going unpicked. I just don’t know where to look. More frustrating still is that from my house, I can see brambles heavy with fruit, but they’re in a private garden I can’t get into.

I suspect even getting free fruit (which I didn’t with the strawberries) it’s going to be difficult to make jam for less money than it costs to buy. But it tastes good 🙂


Monday, we went back to the house to meet the vendors there and have another look round. Since the former occupant died, we wondered if we could perhaps make an offer on some of the contents of the house. None of the funiture is exactly what we want, but we don’t have much and we’ll have to furnish the entire house. We thought that it would tide us over until we could afford the furniture we want. So we made an offer for some sofas, a dining table and a bench in the garden.

Tuesday, P takes a call from family members. It’s all change: cousins, aunts and grandparents are switching houses and there will be surplus… guess… sofas and a dining table. For free. And in better nick.

Wednesday, we phone the estate agents and renogotiate the lot down to just the garden bench.


Money has been really short over the last few days because of some large sums of money we’ve had to spend on the new house: down payments for the mortgage, the estate agent and the solicitor. Vast wads of cash that only represent small deposits. A mix up with jobs means I didn’t get my full salary this month either, so it’s been a bit of a juggle. And of course my savings are untouchable because they’re going to form the deposit on my house.

The last week, I ran out of cash completely, and wasn’t able to take any more out of the bank or my credit card without going over limits and incurring large fines.

So rather than the haphazard shopping for today’s meal that I usually do, I’ve been restricted to cooking from what’s in stock. Usually we have some frozen meat in stock, but we ate it all before the money ran out. So I’ve only been cooking from staples. Basically, that’s been pulses and lentils, bought in very large quantities from the cheap Asian shops in the neighbourhood. A kilo bag of lentils lasts a very very long time, even when you’re cooking from it every day. Storecupboard ingredients have included canned olives, canned tomatoes, red lentils, green lentils and white lentils (urid dahl). I keep a small-change pot on my bedside table which I’ve been raiding for pennies to buy onions and carrots.

I’m not, and never have been a veggie, but I have lots of friends who are. I can do reasonable veggie and vegan cooking when I need to. We’ve been eating dahl, Greek olive and potato stew, lentil bake.

I still miss the meat.

Money turned up in my bank account this morning, firstdirect alerted me by text message, so as soon as I got in from work I went to Sainsbury’s and bought sausages.


Chesterfield SunsetAfter a horrid day of it completely tipping it down, it sort of changed its mind and we got this lovely sunset, which set off the municipal planting on the roundabout outside my office in a really nice way.

(Hmm, how do I stop it overflowing like that?)