Hot Cross Buns / Hot AV Buns

For this year’s hot cross buns, I made them using Dan Lepard’s Spicy Stout Buns, which were very tasty.

I used the Kenwood, so it was slightly easier than the kneading by hand – at the mixing stage, bung the lot into the bowl with the dough hook, and knead it a bit, and then follow the 10 min – rest phases too. This whole recipe was on the large size for the Kenwood, but just about all fit in the bowl.

My attempt at Hot AV Buns.
But the cooking time wasn’t right for my oven. I knocked five minutes off the time and used the temp for fan ovens, and still it burned.

Gah! All that time making them and I ended up burning the buggers!

And, as per the joke doing the rounds on the internets, I made some of them into “AV Buns” instead of crossed buns. Piping flour and water is a right pain!

Here’s last year’s attempt – I just made a small batch then as I was dieting. Now that I’m thin (hem hem) I made a full batch that made 14 buns.

Only just preheating the oven for my hot cross buns. Have to say I think those came out rather well.

(PS another interesting looking recipe is this one on Bakery Bits, but like all their interesting recipes, it’s mainly there to sell you stuff only Bakery Bits sell…)

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4 comments on “Hot Cross Buns / Hot AV Buns

  1. Dr_Nick says:

    Not as evenly sized as your mother’s bread rolls – perhaps halving and halving and halving the mix would produce more similarly sized buns and help with the problem of smaller ones burning?

    Syringe or squeezy bottle probably easier than piping for delicate work?

    tempted to have a go at something similar but A doesn’t eat dried fruit…

  2. Mum says:

    Am a bit OCD and actually weigh my dough for rolls now, so all same size!!!

  3. Roger Stephens says:

    These miserable efforts just go to show why he failed to win when he appeared on Channel 4’s “Come Dine With Me”. Alex, perhaps you should stick to politics and forget the cookery!

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