Tweets on 2008-09-30

  • Pah. Suddenly remembering the Jaegermeister in the freezer and wondering if it will work as cough mixture as well as you’d think. #
  • Now coughing a sickly sweet secret blend of herbs and spices. #
  • @meryl_f eek! (taking photos? 🙂 #
  • Neologism of the day: Brushling (=Broxtowe, Rushcliffe & Gedling districts) #
  • Hmmm. This sounds like Diana Krall covering “I can see clearly now the Rain has gone” at half tempo. Surely not?! #
  • Mentally making up smutty jokes about the woman in Thornton’s brandishing an Archimedes Screw. #
  • Sitting in retail park slightly longer than strictly necessary to watch people trying to fit dining suite into small car. #

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Tweets on 2008-09-29

  • @kayray “It’s never lupus” – I knew instantly you were talking about House 🙂 🙂 🙂 #
  • Finding a mystery half-eaten packet of Jacobs Cream Crackers behind my monitor. Don’t remember those. Happily only slightly soggy. #
  • Good grief. This Trillian MSN client makes quite a lot of surprising pings when you’re not expecting it. #
  • So… 5am… we meet again. #
  • Hoping no-one was watching that dismal attempt at parking. #
  • @jamesgraham That’s a tory lapdancing scandal I really don’t want #
  • @markpack Tories have had a good idea about memory sticks: #

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This cartoon on xkcd is to blame:

xkcd cartoon about Alpha Centauri

By talking about Alpha Centauri, it reminded me about Civilization, which I have spent days of my life playing, and enjoying.

So, I fired up Amazon, realised Spore was was quite affordable and clicked the ONE-CLICK-OF-DOOM and thanks to Amazon’s amazing efficiency, the new game arrived in the post the following day.

I have now spent about 20 hours playing it, including one massive 9-hour stretch where time escaped me a bit.

Thing is, I don’t actually like it that much. It’s not a patch on Civilization IV which I still love to play, when and if I can find the disc. And yet… it definitely has a strong urge that keeps you playing. I haven’t beaten the Space age yet, but I have fairly easily defeated all the other bits. Largely because it’s one of those games which a boon to people like me who are crap at computer games – if you die, there are no, or few consequences. You just start again where you left off.

It’s ever so easy to play. Like Civ, you get a huge manual, and like Civ, you can play it without ever needing to open the book.

But its real huge thing is all the user generated content. Presumably you could play forever without really coming across the same creature twice, because it can connect to the internet and download creatures made up by thousands of other users. The website says 939,307 new creatures were added in the last 24 hours. Wow.

Anyway, I have all these missions I have to complete in and around space. I’ll see you in, ooh, a few days…?

I hate targetted ads

I was seduced by the blaze of publicity for Google Chrome, and for some reason, I’ve carried on using it.  It crashes less often than Firefox, and I do like some of the features.  Like, if you open a new tab from an existing tab, it places that one next to the one you’re using rather than at the end.  I like the “these are the websites you use most often.”  It feels very slightly better than Firefox, so I haven’t gone back.

What I miss, however, is manifold.  I miss all the plugins for starters – no more little weather icons at the bottom corner.  No little thingie telling me which of my google accounts needs my attention, and then helpfully logging me into the wrong one.  No little thingie telling me about new tweets, so now I actually have to the check the twitter website, off my own bat, to see what’s going on.

But what I miss most of all is the thingie that blocks ads appearing.  Clearly I use it wisely – is entirely ad-funded, for example, so I turn it off for that. But for most sites, I had the thing on full throttle, and was rarely vexed by advertising. Google Chrome has advertising aplenty – and why would they change it, when they make so much money from ads themselves?  

Now I am Chroming most of the time, I see all the ads again.  And they know me too well.  Quite apart from endlessly showing me the LibDemVoice google ad I placed myself, Facebook is full of bright-toothed tanned hotties exhorting me to go on a gay cruise.  And every recipe site I look at is full of diet pill ads, and steps to a flatter stomach.  Oi, fat gay!  Eat these pills, get on this boat.  Bah.  Enough!

Tweets on 2008-09-28

  • Tech q – is anyone out there using both Nokia Mail for Exchange AND GooSync for multiple diary synchronisation? #
  • @mawawa Hmmm, walked past Geoff Blore many times. Do you reckon he would buy books off me…? #
  • Discovering (well, admitting to discovering) damp in my wardrobe from the wall, and wondering What Must be Done. #

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Tweets on 2008-09-27

  • Eep, I’ve been playing Spore for 9 hours straight. I’m not even sure I like it! Damn you, #
  • More than slightly perturbed that Google thinks I want “new and used Pig slaughterlines” #
  • Google is 10? Ee by eck, I feel old. #
  • @kayray The Reginald Hill books are marvellous. I bought them all for 1p each on Amazon and read them in order a few years ago. #
  • Horrifying myself on checking online banking to see how many Lib Dem standing orders I have. 10! Eek! #
  • @kayray bought second hand paperbacks from Amazon – 1p + p&p which is usually quite a lot more 🙂 #

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