Tweets on 2011-04-22

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Tweets on 2011-04-21

  • Planning committee (@ Loxley House) #
  • @Meryl_F eek, what got him, and when? #
  • RT @alexfolkes: Packed room. Sun shining. No windows open. Crucial decisions. One councillor asleep <<< could be anywhere in country 🙂 #
  • RT @qikipedia: Most expensive flat in London sells for £136m – enough to buy 1,564 average houses in Burnley #
  • Cripes. More people follow @stephenfry on twitter than buy a daily newspaper. #
  • It's April, nearly 10pm, and whilst we're not quite eating outside, we are in the conneh by candlelight with the doors flung wide. #

  • End of meatballs and rice #
  • . @qikipedia thanks for the retweet, but the nugget of info came from Michael Buerk on #bbcradio4 #039;s Moral Maze #
  • RT @meerkatmartin: RT @bykimbo that will change the moment @stephenfry starts charging. << Is he likely to stampede, d'you think? #
  • @mawawa eek, I use them – what happened? #
  • @kayray eat the cat? 🙂 #
  • OMG, just noticed I got an awesome DM from the nice folks at @qikipedia, signed PERSONALLY by the Elves! #

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Tweets on 2011-04-20

  • @dr_nick don't think last thing was done by a poltician. Arguments in favour of AV: #
  • RT @charltonbrooker: Are there *any* No to AV ads that aren't constructed from very very obvious horseshit? Not sarcasm; genuinely curious. #
  • @NCCLols are your comments libellous? #
  • @MadameNottm there is also the Militant Elvis Anti Tesco Popular Front candidate in Sneinton. Splitters! #
  • @Psythor so poor people can only go to post-94 unis?! #
  • @jonxyz you've presumably seen all the redubbed ones on Youtube? #
  • @Psythor no, no it's not. #
  • @Psythor "The new data could help advance our understanding" <– no, no it couldn't. It will give boring men more things to be boring about. #
  • @Psythor apparently there's more than one football team here! And some lady rugbyers too. #

  • Yup, @A_C_McGregor is definitely sober in this one #
  • Playing with foursquare. I'm guessing A&E means summat totally different to the leftpondians. #

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Tweets on 2011-04-19

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Tweets on 2011-04-18

  • A Seikh march through Hyson Green. Some amazing saris. And some impatient traffic. #
  • Congrats to @cllrjoncollins for running the marathon, but please don't show us any more blisters! #shudder #
  • Nigella's Chinese lamb shanks smell amazeballs already and still have another two hours of cooking ahead of them. #
  • "A No vote will be a terrible headache for Nick Clegg; Yes vote will be a skull-splitting migraine for David Cameron." #
  • Can you plant split peas and expect to harvest pea shoots? or are they too processed to germinate? #
  • RT @lordbonkers: @stephentall Ahem, I make that the Golden Eleven. <<< always nice to know people are paying attention 🙂 #

  • Banana custard #fail #

  • Earlier today, bought a creme egg cosy. Didn't realise getting cold was such a problem in the choc chick community #
  • Who puts sprinkles on banana custard?! #
  • @foxc_uk it has to be cold! The custard has to set! #
  • RT @jamesgraham: The biggest political party in Finland is called KOK. Tee hee hee! #ohdogrowup #

  • Wish I'd discovered home cooked lamb shanks years ago. Easy, impressive and delicious #
  • Can anyone help me refind a Telegraph article that had numbers of councillors defending seats by party? #
  • @doctorvee my technique is (usually) a) never let it get more than half empty and b) fill 'er up (regardless of round number or cost)! #
  • @kayray is the cat cold? Ours are MUCH more attentive when they feel need to huddle for warmth. 🙂 #
  • @alanfleming Yes. It's not very good. And I don't prune as often as I should. But it's the only WP plugin that does what it does. #
  • @doctorvee I was once told that nearly empty petrol tank much more likely to explode if vapours ignite. Plus running out v embarrassing! #
  • @alanfleming I like it because I use twitter for informal bookmarks and it's much easier to find old tweets on my blog than twitter. #
  • @alanfleming you fave your own tweets? that seems vaguely conceited 🙂 #
  • @alanfleming plus I never really know which ones I will want to try and find again. #
  • @alanfleming hopefully back now? whole of family died briefly this evening, again. #
  • @alanfleming – yeah, or a category obscuring plugin, or a site design like which all but hides them might be way forward. #
  • @alanfleming plus there are a surprising number of people who engage with my tweets through my blog – some opponents, some old friends. #
  • @Orcs the world needs more steampunk school governors. #
  • Hooray! I've found some public domain Hawaiian music for my report for @PodDelusion about the local elections. #
  • @benrav Sir Peter's been a councillor, MP and now wants to be mayor. Is he sure this is the job for him and he won't cause more by-elections #

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Tweets on 2011-04-17

  • Workin' on my campaign tan #libdems #
  • Coketime (@ Northgate Stores) #
  • I just unlocked the "4sqDay 2011" badge on @foursquare! #
  • Was chatting about wallflowers to someone in a lovely garden the other day. Now noticing them everywhere. #
  • Someone on a balcony called out "hey, beautiful!" as I walked past. Which was nice. #
  • Attempting Tarte flambée for dinner tonight. #
  • @dr_nick woohoo! so, who's the better layer? #
  • @technicalfault I'm not 100% sure they were talking to me, but I'm still allowing for the ego boost. #
  • @Alexander_Ball you don't look 6'4" on twitter! (although come to think of it you probably look 6'4" on leaflets) #
  • RT @lornaspenceley: My guest post for Lib Dem Voice: A Visit to the Library #
  • @dr_nick you didn't have any manky half-egg half-poos the first ones out? #

  • Om nom nom #
  • Tarte flambée quite tasty but not in hurry to repeat. However, dough recipe would make pretty good pizza too. #
  • Palm Sunday. Can hear scores of motorized on A60 outside (@ Daybrook St Pauls) #

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Tweets on 2011-04-15

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Tweets on 2011-04-14

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Tweets on 2011-04-13

  • @tom_geraghty Land Registry search? #
  • RT @ExtraBold: ITN turn up at Nick Clegg's office asking to see leaflet with Nick's photo in. Shown one & go away unhappy with no story. #
  • Postcard written in 1911: "Little hope for Saturday now. Just off to the banquet. Love Jack" #
  • Next week's planning papers have arrived. Still no Tesco Eastside up for consideration. #
  • RT @NCT_Buses: City Centre Major Stop Changes #
  • Drawing a blank so far on my costume for Friday. Theme is "M". So open! And yet so difficult! #
  • Suddenly ravenous. #
  • RT @kayray: @alexfoster Go as Peter Lorre #
  • I was quite taken by Maharajah, Mandarin or Mexican, if I wasn't worried they might be racist. #

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