Tweets on 2009-01-31

  • After a session covering firefighter fitness requirements, engaging in low intensity long duration training. #
  • (that means walking home after the meeting) #
  • Cursebird Report: @alexfoster swears like a Children’s TV Presenter. Ranked: 89,811st worldwide. – #
  • @adambird Which bit of the Council did you meet? Have you seen they’re on Twitter now: @nottinghamcity #
  • @iaindale Un jour les allemands reprendrent Alsace. Til then, they speak French not German in Strasbourg 🙂 Have fun. #
  • Having French tense worries. I think I meant reprendront not reprendrent. It used to be graffiti at a cinema in Paris. #
  • Today I have been at Fire Auth meeting at which there were hardly any women and gone ringing – where I was the only man. #

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Tweets on 2009-01-30

  • Off to meet BBC Nottingham journalist to discuss the nuclear bunker in my ward that’s slated for housing development. #
  • Buggrit, car knackered again. Dammit! #
  • Had a nice time talking to BBC lady. Wonder how much will make the final cut. #
  • Looking for something to drink. Trying to remember where the Pernod came from. And how come 75% of it is missing. #
  • @rfenwick personal interest in why thin people aren’t fat? 🙂 #
  • Have seen 3 seasons of The Wire. And still expecting the HBO logo to give way to “Woke up this morning. Got yourself a gun.” #
  • Received a postcard from Finland – #

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Tweets on 2009-01-29

  • @markpack nice round number. #
  • @markpack if Bloglines can output an OPML, Google Reader can import it. Instant switch. #
  • Grr. Car has developed “electrical fault” which means wiper on all time,steering locked and ignition not working. #
  • I had to stall it just to get the engine to stop so I could safely leave it! #
  • Oh, unbelievable. Tow-truck man waves jumpleads at the car and suddenly everything’s fine again. Bah. #

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Tweets on 2009-01-28

  • Never ceases to amaze me how quickly 2 cats can eat – or at any rate lick the jelly off – 48 tins of cat food. #
  • Suddenly aware of my poor posture. Unhunching my shoulders. #
  • Signing someone’s photos for a passport application. Have I really known them more than 2 years? #
  • Minimalistic weather forecasting: #
  • Joining Dopplr when I should be heading off for a meeting. #
  • Learning there used to be an oilfield in Notts. #

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Tweets on 2009-01-27

  • Managing, I think, to get four medications successfully into two cats. Now just the vomit and litter tray to deal with! #
  • Oh dear. Re-reading the cat dose labels. They shouldn’t necessarily have had that much medicine. #
  • Laughing til we cry at Songsmith’s samba band remix of Roxanne #
  • Finding out the hard way the headphones aren’t plugged in and the computer is turned way up loud #
  • @jonxyz I’m trying to remember the milk also, but not liking it so much. But the Gmail widget helps. #
  • @imanokpundit 32’s a depressing age. You’re now old enough to be a grandmother legally. Happy birthday. #
  • @imanokpundit PS you have dubious honour of being my 100th follower! I might send you a prize. #
  • @creativemum best of luck with that! #

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Tweets on 2009-01-26

  • @jgoldsworthy Welcome to twitter! How come the Lib Dem women MPs are whupping the men on here? 🙂 #
  • I’ve been watching too much of The Wire, now weird things are going through my mind as I walk the streets. #
  • Just been to the gym for what must be the first time in four years. Feel the burn, baby. #
  • Trying to resist urge to go straight from gym to cake shop. #
  • @jamesgraham I’m a way off that kind of positive body image! #
  • Cadbury’s Creme egg is practically one of your 5-a-week, right? #
  • Rediscovering what we know really but forget each year: normally frosty sitting room is toasty warm with door closed. #
  • @willhowells my new tax year resolution: file early, way early, in 08/09. #
  • Argh… seizing up. #

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Kitteh injureh – with pics

Injured kitteh

So, when Fudge came back from the vet, he came back with a shaven paw. While he was unconscious, they x-rayed him and did a close exam, including shaving his fur to see what was going on underneath. With the long hair gone, it’s pretty plain to see what’s happened. He has bite marks on his paw, and around, signs of discolouration which point to infection. Cat mouths are dirty so cat bites lead to infection. Since the bite is on the bottom of the rear paw, my suspicion is that Fudge was already running away when he got bitten. The back paw is the last bit of cat to leave!

The treatment is more antibiotics – vet was a bit surprised that the first lot didn’t seem to help much, and has given a longer course of the pills. Fudge is hard to pill just like he’s hard to inject, and these pills seem less palatable than Smudge’s which seem to be tastier than real food!

Tweets on 2009-01-23

  • Haven’t got as far as I would have liked with tidying my office before getting bored and playing with my computer again #
  • Talking to the vet on the phone. Another visit is indicated for injured Fudge. He’ll love that. #
  • Vet waiting room. Couple just left with empty box wiping tears from eyes. 😦 #
  • Dippy spaniel opposite straining at his lead – “never known a dog so eager to see vet” says owner. #
  • Leaving vet empty handed – Fudge needs an overnight stay and sedation so that vet can examine without getting injured. Maybe x-ray needed! #
  • @having a nursery tea. Beans and fishfingers. Onion rings and garlic mushrooms. in reply to having #
  • Mmm, lovely plate of artificial orange food. #
  • Exec meeting. Oh joy. #
  • Ooh, I can see the green shoots of… Dafodils, in my front garden. #

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