Tweets on 2011-04-24

  • There's a warning for rain today – has anyone actually had it? #
  • *sigh* have left "think of nice things to do with frozen spinach" unactioned on the bottom of two weeks' meal plans. #
  • @MadameNottm different sort of bondage? #
  • OOh, crackles of thunder. #
  • Gah! Bank holiday meat fest thwarted by frozen duck! #
  • RT @facesake: A-aaaah! RT @miltonline: *flash* #
  • Message coming through loud and clear: Ricotta makes spinach edible #
  • Webcam for Abbey Road, London – almost always seems to have people re-enacting Beatles on it. #
  • RT @ChristofHughes: @alexfoster ricotta and spinach cannelloni = delicious. <<< exactly what I'm making now, since duck still frozen! #
  • Some kind words about some of m'colleagues at Nottingham Graffiti #
  • @ChristofHughes ach, sorry, all gone, nothing to photo! But was spinach+ricotta cannelloni, with tomato sauce from a jar and parmesan gratin #

  • Le sigh. I was hoping to actually use this computer today. It all started with iTunes #

  • Aaaargh, they're not even quick updates. #

  • …and still waiting. #
  • @ChristofHughes are you fasting? If it's any consolation, we're stuffed. #
  • … and I'm vaguely back. #
  • @CharlotteGore does it make a difference? infinity times infinity is still infinity. #
  • Easter ringing (@ Daybrook St Pauls) #
  • @benrav you can buy seeds here but can't sow outside for a few months yet. #

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One comment on “Tweets on 2011-04-24

  1. sarah swindell says:

    nice things to do with frozen spinach – paneer palak?
    Skip the first three instructions (inclucing washing the spinach nicely!) and bung in the frozen spinach in step 7.

    not very healthy mind you as it involves fried full fat cheese.

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