Tweets on 2010-09-30

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Tweets on 2010-09-29

  • Gah, my feet. Have been touring Eastcroft incinerator. Must find some safety boots that actually fit. 😦 #
  • Now meeting photog at venue. Brainstorming ridiculous table naming schemes. #
  • I just became the mayor of Woodborough Hall on @foursquare! #
  • @stephentall Have you tried using via a web browser? in reply to stephentall #
  • Watching kids prog from BBC Alba. Scottish cooking at its finest. Ginger biscuits dunked in orange juice covered in cream and choc btns #

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Tweets on 2010-09-28

  • R&S ctte. (@ Loxley House) #
  • Not ideal to have a page-break in the middle of a number. "visitor total was 48, <page turn> 111. #
  • Discussion of Sheriff's Commission degenerates into councillor equivalent of "What I did on my hols" #
  • Someone has sent me an "AGENGA" for a meeting tomorrow. Hope they provide their own wooden blocks. #
  • Either my beard is going even greyer or I've been wandering round all day covered in toothpaste. #
  • @dr_nick can you do them over the phone? in reply to dr_nick #
  • Well, meeting was slightly shorter but talking in street/carpark went on for as long. #
  • Trevor Kavanagh says #RedEd #039;s first action as leader was to phone the red tops. #
  • I get most of my news from the radio, so still can't picture the new Labour leader. When you go hunting for pics, they're mostly of both! #
  • @helenduffett how come London region is having a conf in Dec whn you have to have AGM in OCt or Nov? in reply to helenduffett #
  • @tom_geraghty don't think so in reply to tom_geraghty #
  • .@GaryDelaney are either of them related to the @beaverofbadnews ? #
  • Off to meet a young constituent and a traffic signals engineer to discuss a problem with traffic lights on the school route. #
  • That was properly fascinating – engineer had keys to street boxes and little yellow keypad thing to reprogram it. #

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Labour’s voting records

I’m a little bit freaked out that the Labour party have been quite so… open about their leadership election votes.

They have a website of how CLPs ((Constituency Labour Parties)) voted, and a separate table of exactly how each Labour MP and MEP voted.

It’s this way that we know that Milliband, D won a majority of votes from parliamentarians and Labour members, and Milliband, E edged ahead thanks to Union votes from signed up union members like, erm, Lib Dem MP John Hemming.

And it’s a little bit fascinating.

Here’s how Nottingham’s Labour MPs voted:

Graham Allen – DM 1, EM 2 – didn’t use all his votes, didn’t back the winner – what with working with the EVIL ALLIANCE to try and see his early intervention project through to completion, is his influence on the wane in the Labour party?

Lilian Greenwood – well, what a trooper, there’s someone who knows how AV really works. She used all of her votes – 5 (Abbott) 3 (Balls) 4 (Burnham) 2 (DM) 1 (EM). Full marks to Lilian, you backed a winner!

Chris Leslie – 5 (Abbot) 1 (Balls) 4 (Burnham) 2 (DM) 3 (EM) – oh, my goodness, how exciting! The only thing he and Lilian agree with (apart from sharing a constituency office, of course) is who they DON’T wan running the party. Leslie can count to five too, another promising sign.

Glenis Wilmott – oh dear! Another one who can’t count to five. Just voted Dave 2, Ed 1. Still at least she got it the right way round!

Constituency Abbott Balls Burnham Milliband D Milliband E Spoiled Cast Issued Turnout
Nottingham East CLP 27 33 25 152 75 1 313 538 58.2%
Nottingham North CLP 8 28 13 73 42 0 164 210 78.1%
Nottingham South CLP 28 27 16 112 72 0 255 373 68.4%

What to make of that? Apart from all three CLPs backing David and being thwarted. Lots of members compared to the Lib Dems, but looking a little thin Oop North. Admirably few spoiled ballots. Interesting balance of members East cf South, would never have guessed that.

But why, Labour, why? Why publish all this information?!

Tweets on 2010-09-27

  • @Meryl_F yeah – we've looked before now and not managed to find Criccieth camp/s. Should be easy with map – it had direct path to beach, no? in reply to Meryl_F #
  • Oh, dagnabbit. The heating is not working again. Boiler fine. Pump fine. Radiators don't need bleeding. But bleeding radiators stone cold 😦 #
  • Ah, it's a Tall Tale from Stephen, rather than a @stephentall tale #
  • Will a group meeting in a member's house prove more focussed than in Council premises? Place your bets now! #

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Equal marriage debate features in Pod Delusion

Agressively secularist podcast the Pod Delusion has, since its inception, carried pieces from contributors and former contributors to Lib Dem Voice. Former LDV editor Will Howells has guest-edited the podcast, and appeared in the first three episodes.

Latterly, I’ve started showing up in the occasional episode, holding forth on leaflets, tesco and polling day.

One time friend of t’Voice and party presidential hopeful Jennie Rigg added her distinctive voice with a rant about teenagers (but in a good way) and an interview with Julian Huppert MP.

And on the first birthday of Pod Delusion, both me and Will Howells appeared on a stage together for the first time – both trying to get a serious point across and make people laugh – at Pod Delusion Live. Much fun was had by all. And there was a most entertaining acronym of “atheist”.

So, to this week’s episode, released in the early hours of Friday morning. I took some of our recording of the Equal Marriage debate at Lib Dem conference and chopped it up and made commentary, almost like a real reporter / journalisty thing. Go me. The resultant reportage is cheek by jowl with reports on “Protest the Pope”, phone hacking and a trolling masterclass.×200.swf?phlogId=9216&phonecastId=40150&channelInView=WEBSITE_USER_3452&callInView=local_40150

Content on Lib Dem Voice is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial licence – and this includes our audio content. This means if you would like to take part of one our podcasts and use it to create further content, you are allowed to do so, provided you don’t make any money out of it and you credit us as the source of your material. If, for example, you would like to take the Cabinet Ministers Q&A and fisk Vince Cable’s answer on science funding, and pass it on to the Pod Delusion – that’s fine by us. I’m sure you can come up with more interesting ways of breathing new life into our content, too.

Latest skirmish in war of central heating

Bah. On any given day, there’s only about a 50% chance the central heating in our house works.

As the central heating season faded out in April and May this year, we had a heating zone control valve stick. Since the valve didn’t send a “complete” signal to the controller, this pretty much overode all of the controls. The thermostat and the timer just didn’t work. The heating was either on or off. So for the last few weeks we just used the isolating switch on the boiler when we wanted a bit of heat boost. And we got used to the idea that the heating wasn’t automatic.

I let it fester a bit over the summer unfixed. We turned the gas boiler off entirely and relied on the immersion heater and the solar panel for hot water over the summer. I eventually tidied my office enough for an engineer to get to the airing cupboard, and phoned up the insurance company.

Phoning the insurance company is always a pain, but the engineers they send usually know what they’re doing. They located the central heating pump – it’s unhelpfully under the floor – replaced it, replaced the zone control valve, fine tuned the boiler, and it all seemed to be working just fine when they left.

The old, removed central heating pump - massively silted up causing inefficiency.

But now, a few weeks later, and there’s another fault. The boiler is definitely working, and it seems to be heating the hot water just fine. The HZCV doesn’t seem to be stuck. The pump is running, and you can hear water swilling around the radiators. But barely any of them are getting warm. Gah!

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