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(Via Canadian Neil H)

Missing Eurovision

We missed last night’s Eurovision for a Lib Dem dinner in Chesterfield, but we left that soon after the speeches to get an early night, P having commitments at 9 this morning, bombed down the M1 and ended up at home as the last voting results were read out, followed by the winners’ second go at their song.

Well, the winner was certainly odd.  Someone’s been spending too much time listening to The Rasmus.

We didn’t turn the TV on for Eurovision, though — we turned it on to watch our Dr Who recording.  The cybermen were disappointing.  The mechanistic marching wasn’t really frightening, and they didn’t quite pull off the contrast between cybermen-as-mindless-robots and cybermen-as-enslaved-humans.  It’s fine for the Doctor to kill off a bunch of robots.  It’s a bit disturbing for him to remind the robots they used to be human before offing them.

Laptop wine interface

Laptop definitely didn’t like the half glas of Australian shiraz it inadvertently took in last night.

I powered it down immediately and tissued off the worst, but I was somewhat surprised to find when I put it in my bag first thing this morning that some of the wine had made it right through the keyboard onto the desk underneath.

All the right hand keyboard keys are sticking and the and mouse buttons are slugglish.

I popped into PC World looking for a card-reader (an ill-advised office tidying bonanza at work has predictably deprived us of our camara cable) and scoped laptops while they were in there.

It seems the trend has moved away from what some call clit-pointers — PCW only stock laptops with touch pads.  Can one do intensive DTP for a day using one of those, or will I need to carry a mouse around with me?

Megane again


Originally uploaded by nilexuk.

I have been back to the dealership and finalized everything including the negotiated lower price — but it’s going to take them until Friday to knock out all the dings and get it through its MOT.

And guess what the first job in the new car is looking like it’s going to be? Picking up the cats.

Distressed cats and recently valeted upholstry are not a combination that go together too well, even if P has picked up some rather splendid waterproff cat-carriers.