Megane again


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I have been back to the dealership and finalized everything including the negotiated lower price — but it’s going to take them until Friday to knock out all the dings and get it through its MOT.

And guess what the first job in the new car is looking like it’s going to be? Picking up the cats.

Distressed cats and recently valeted upholstry are not a combination that go together too well, even if P has picked up some rather splendid waterproff cat-carriers.


3 comments on “Megane again

  1. Mother says:

    blimey! that’s nearly as red as mine!

    Have to say I HATED driving our hire car megane on holiday – but maybe narrow roads/”wrong side of road”/Croatian drivers etc etc more to blame than car!!!

  2. niles says:

    Eep 😦

    Hope I’m not making an expensive mistake with this one. I test drove it less than a mile with the salesman making lots of “Oh, of course we’ll fix that” noises.

  3. Scorpio says:

    Megane is the worst car I have ever driven. It is after sales is even worse.

    Imagine a CD player that overheats and takes 8 months to be replaced under warranty.

    The car is so sensitive thanks to its ingenous electonics that go wrong all the time and take for ever to figure out what went wrong.

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