Laptop wine interface

Laptop definitely didn’t like the half glas of Australian shiraz it inadvertently took in last night.

I powered it down immediately and tissued off the worst, but I was somewhat surprised to find when I put it in my bag first thing this morning that some of the wine had made it right through the keyboard onto the desk underneath.

All the right hand keyboard keys are sticking and the and mouse buttons are slugglish.

I popped into PC World looking for a card-reader (an ill-advised office tidying bonanza at work has predictably deprived us of our camara cable) and scoped laptops while they were in there.

It seems the trend has moved away from what some call clit-pointers — PCW only stock laptops with touch pads.  Can one do intensive DTP for a day using one of those, or will I need to carry a mouse around with me?

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