I *love* cars

I was just settling into another depressing what-car-might-be-ok-for-the-money trawl on the internet when Renault phoned back.

The car I liked is available again! The other people trying to buy it had only put a deposit down and weren’t able to get finance to cover the cost.


“Well, Mr Dealer, I have the money all ready now. But I’m afraid I can’t quite stretch to $askingprice. The maximum I can do is $(askingprice-800).”

“That’s quite a drop — I’ll have to ask my manager.”

“You do that – but make sure you tell him that I have the money ready and waiting and can pop down and pay first thing tomorrow.”

Mr Dealer hangs up. I pace nervously round the office and my colleagues congratulate me on my tough haggling stance. It helps that I’ve been having this conversation in my head for at least the last ten days.

I wait.

Time passes.

Phone rings. “Well, Mr Foster, my manager can do that, but he wants a deposit from you now over the phone.”

I don’t think I’ve ever read my credit card number out so fast.

I sign the papers tomorrow, I should get to drive it away on Tuesday.

They’ll even part-ex my old Skoda, although I’m doing that for the convenience of them taking it off my hands rather than the actual trade-in value, which we all agree is negligeable.

4 comments on “I *love* cars

  1. Iain Dale says:

    Alex, congrats. I’m sure you needed something to cheer you up today!

  2. Leigh says:


  3. […] Iain leaves an arch comment on the car posting, even if it’s nothing like as arch as one I left him a few months ago. […]

  4. Mother says:

    Well!!! Your heart’s desire eh? Hope the humpy-backed camels and all other wildlife don’t cause any probs. I worry about all the places to leave knick-knacks – I’ve seen your study! Before long you won’t be able to get in it!!!!!

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