Lib Dem Gain

Iain leaves an arch comment on the car posting, even if it’s nothing like as arch as one I left him a few months ago.

Actually, the Lib Dems have done rather well in the elections yesterday in the East Mids.

Only six of the forty-four councils were up for election, anyway, and we made gains on four of them.

Derby City we gained three, including some new territory and regaining some marginal territory we lost by eleven votes last time. Council is NOC gain from LAB and I have yet to hear the outcome of coalition talks.

West Lindsey we gained two, leading to a NOC gain from CON. A further by-election is pending.

In Lincoln and Daventry we gained one councillor on each, doubling our numbers on both. Slow steady gains, building on bulkheads. Difficult and lonely work for the councillors who get elected in those circs. In Daventry six Tory councillors were elected unopposed, a practice that is all but dying out.

The two remaining councils are Bassetlaw, which turned blue, and Amber Valley, which stayed blue, and didn’t turn — what colour is BNP?

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