Tweets on 2010-05-24

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Tweets on 2010-05-23

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Tweets on 2010-05-22

  • Hoofing it to Shepshed. #
  • Avoid Nottm city centre right now – major incident closing Parliament St – involving fire engine, bus and lots of water. #
  • Well, Shepshed successfully located. Banner collected. Now to find Nottingham again. #
  • What's this awful retweeting with quotes thing that everyone is doing all of a sudden? Stop it at once! #
  • P peeved at entirely natural migration of mugs into bathroom. "Take TWO cups of coffee into the shower?" #
  • Madonna's Secret Age-Defying Skin Care Regimen #
  • This month's Nottinghamshire Queer Bulletin, brands Cllr Unczur as ITMA. #
  • And last link for a bit – Telegraph reviews Lundy Island, reignites my Wanderlust: #
  • Dan Lepard's Fresh ginger coffee cake recipe looks like one to try. Looks easy, tasty. #
  • @BeauBodOr @dietchef has been helpful with my weightloss. in reply to BeauBodOr #
  • @BeauBodOr yeah, diet sodas and sugar free jellies do feature quite highly in my diet. Normally more the fruity ones rather than the colas in reply to BeauBodOr #
  • @BeauBodOr yeah, absolutely. Have even ended up buying more bowls specially for that purpose. Sloshed jelly all over the fridge, tho. in reply to BeauBodOr #
  • OK, here's today's whinge about pain. My hand hurts. Ow. I ought to have a few days off mousing and texting. Like that's gonna happen. #

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Tweets on 2010-05-21

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Tweets on 2010-05-20

  • Anthony Nolan Trust are organising a bone marrow donation event on 2 June between 2 and 7pm in Nottingham Council House. #
  • They say it's a 10 minute spit test. You don't have to donate marrow there and then. #
  • What sounded like unusual staggering sexism from a Lab cllr turned out to be a football joke. #
  • Planning application for demolition and rebuild Victoria Leisure Centre just passed. I voted against. #
  • Better news, though: demo and renovate scheme for former County House on High Pavement passes. New annexe to boutique hotel. #
  • Now a series of amendments to existing plans: each only just enough to need a new application. #
  • @CllrIainRoberts there's always iPlayer – we're enoying Monty Halls Great Hebridean Escape and/or Edible Garden these days. in reply to CllrIainRoberts #
  • What is the UK best at? CCTV, apparently. #
  • Grant Shapps: "I don't believe Government should ever come along and make things more complicated." << hmm, let's remember this. #
  • @mawawa not technically, but those voting against and those abstaining did ask for their to be recorded. Basically: assume party lines. in reply to mawawa #
  • Browsing the planning application for Jamie Oliver's new Nottingham restaurant. #

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Tweets on 2010-05-19

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Tweets on 2010-05-18

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Tweets on 2010-05-17

  • RT @libdemvoice: Special #ldconf live tweet coverage << must remember to tweet responsibly #
  • My prediction: all amendments will pass / be accepted and the final vote will be about 80/20 in favour. #
  • Another prediction: with queues everywhere, we're not starting or finishing on time. #

  • Hall is pretty chocka – this is the first of 3 blocks listening to Andrew Stunnell. #
  • Stunnell: like Louis XVIII, Labour have forgotten nothing and remembered nothing. #
  • Stunnell: greenest, most radical, most redistributive programme for generations. #
  • Big, big round of applause for @drevanharris. #
  • Erudite crowd: first two speakers have quoted such diverse figures as Louis 18th and Woody Allen. #
  • In addition to LDV team, try @ChrisWhite17, @EdFordham, @StephMog, @po8crg, @joswinson #
  • Sharing a pew with @chriswhite17, baronesses Hamwee and Barker, and a new member from Notts. #
  • Applause for student speaker calling for our MPs *not* to abstain on fees, but to vote against. #
  • Heh, @camdenjo gets applause before even beginning to make her case for the Human Rights Act. #
  • Jo Shaw: Ken Clarke and Dominic Grieve? You could do a lot worse. Featherstone and McMally will help greatly. #
  • Wouldn't have put "obloquy" in buzzword bingo for today. #
  • @prateekbuch sadly not. in reply to prateekbuch #
  • Man, these seats are not ideal for a four hour meeting. #
  • David Rendel: our amendment was shortened. What's left is not contraversial in this room. I want to debate what was removed. #
  • Rendel: there should be no further negotiations without a commitment to PR. #
  • Linda Jack is waving a pair of fluffy pink handcuffs with a menacing glint in her eyes. Nothing changes, eh? #
  • Eek. Tony Greaves is missing front teeth. #
  • Greaves: now is not time for triumphalism but magnanimity. << hear, hear. Not tenor of template artwork, tho. #
  • Greaves: time for triumphalism will be when we win again in 5 years time. #
  • Rep from Rhondda: it's Labour who have let down the valleys. #
  • Rep from Rhondda: No Lib Dems in Welsh office. None of the Welsh Tory MPs either. And no sign of agreement on Barnett Formula. #
  • Nader Fekhri is first to speak against the motion as a whole. Trenchant outlining of differences between parties. #
  • Mood in hall has changed a bit. Fekhri: tread carefully for you tread on my dreams. #
  • Ted Lord, former staffer on Conservative London Mayoral campaign, does a wicked impression of William Hague. #
  • Lorely Burt MP tells us the NEC is in her constituency of Solihull. #
  • @po8crg Linda Jack was against? I was too distracted by the props. in reply to po8crg #
  • Popped out of main hall for a bit to find dozens of people having their own fringe in the sunlight and cafes. #
  • No journalists, the tiny number of protestors have given up and gone home. Handful of our hi-vizzed brethen. #
  • Good news, #ldconf #tweetup tweetuppers: the pub is opposite the hall and open til 8pm. #

  • Ah. Now I understand. Our MPs must have pressed this at some point. #
  • @iaindale wonder if it was the ash cloud? in reply to iaindale #
  • Think I just saw two people storming out. "Can't believe it's come to this." So not everyone happy. #
  • "I'm chair of my local party – probably because I didn't say 'no' quick enough." << big club, that. #
  • Ah – it was our last speaker who was telling voters on the doorstop to vote us to keep the Tories out. #
  • And now our first address from a cabinet minister. *wipes tear from corner of eye* An truly historic moment. #
  • "I come from Denmark – a country where we actually talk about things before we take decisions." #
  • Canterbury tories have apparently been heard describing the coalition as a Lib Dem arse grafted onto a Tory body. #
  • Hah, @prateekbuch rehashing his "counterfactuals" piece for LDV as an intervention. #
  • First Liberal power since 40 years before my birth, says @alexwilcock – let's not wait another 40 years. #
  • @markpack are you counting my beard or is it only beards on platform? Can't, unfortunately, drive in sandals. in reply to markpack #
  • No rolling back on equalities on my watch, says @lfeatherstone to rapturous applause. #
  • Featherstone: when I called for trans rights, the Tory frontbench were ok. But backbenchers cried "perverts" at me… #
  • Featherstone: …we are here to hold the Tory rightwingers in check. #
  • @markpack *looking round* there must be well ever a thousand here, have you really only seen 7 beards? in reply to markpack #
  • Cripes, Simon Hughes fires up hall into standing ovation. #
  • @markpack nice of @edfordham to paint his toes specially. in reply to markpack #
  • Ldv correspondent @chriswhite17 on the "anorak amendment" about local government. #
  • Labour gained seats on councils in Haringey and Doncaster despite their abysmal record there, says @ChrisWhite17. #
  • Graham Watson recalls David Steel telling us to prepare for government. It's been the most thorough preparation in political history. #
  • Watson: embracing Dan Hannan will be harder than hugging a hoodie. #
  • (predictive text mangled that to "hug a goodie" which is an odd mental image) #
  • A member intervention from Gedling, which I know is near Nottingham, but which the hall may not. #
  • @stephentall @helenduffett @markpack I'll help get him into the slot. in reply to stephentall #
  • Intervention speaker calling for justice for 5,000 dead and dying victims of contaminated blood. #
  • Increasingly despairing of this conference. Not one call for a reference back. And only one person edging towards a separate vote call. #
  • Dinti Batstone: Easy to be smug about women in parliament when you have safe seats. Just ask Kramer, Goldsworthy, Gidley. #
  • In 20 mins we move to the votes. Cor. Gotta fit in 9 amendment summators first. #
  • The businessmen Vince Cable described as "nauseating" are now writing him grovelling letters. #
  • And hall gets to its feet again for Dr Vince Cable. #
  • RT @CharlotteGore: RT @naomimc: Oh, embarrassing. Civil servant memo on how to talk to Tories… << tory roleplaying! #
  • Ah, a constitutional nicety I had missed. All amendments have been accepted, so they don't get voted on or summated. #
  • McNally: typical Lib Dems: huge hall. Fancy set. Standing room only. Overwhelmingly positive speakers… And we make it a closed meeting. #
  • McNally: Tony Greaves came to see me and we had a full and frank discussion. Now you know what happened to his teeth. #
  • McNally: if the HRA is repealed, I walk. Huhne: me too. #
  • Huhne: never thought I'd see McNally and Greaves agree. Baroness Barker on my left: they often agree! #
  • Huhne: we kept our promise about who we would talk to. And we will keep a lot more promises in government. #
  • Very strong support for HRA. #
  • Cor. Almost unanimous on each of the 10 votes. At most, 20 people voted against the amended motion in favour of coalition. #
  • Clegg slams "North Korean" result. Never thought he'd hear Evan Harris say nice things about him. #
  • @LonelyWonderer McNally's joke. in reply to LonelyWonderer #
  • Clegg: even if you ignore the numbers, take it from me, the Labour party were, in their hearts, already preparing for opposition. #
  • Clegg: genuine suprise at how much agreement achieved with the Tories. #
  • Clegg: I know the stakes are high – for me personally as well as for the pastry #
  • Erm, that should have been: Clegg: I know the stakes are high – for me personally as well as for the party. #
  • Clegg: I have found your trust in me and my colleagues humbling. We won't let you down. #
  • Oh, there's Tom Brake! *swoon* #
  • @dr_nick Ah, yes, my tweets were showing up in a box on a website today. in reply to dr_nick #
  • @libdom I heard the police saying that too. But there's always some police at conference. in reply to libdom #
  • @dr_nick It was in the day time! in reply to dr_nick #
  • Just wrapping my nephew's birthday present. Bit worried that the over elaborate packaging will detract from quite a small present actually. #
  • And slightly freaked out by the sudden realisation that my cat is older than my nephew. And always has been. #
  • Think I just became 1,000th person to follow @evansmother #
  • @dr_nick well you could have told me! 🙂 ps am srsly worried Noah will be disappointed with present – will be like pass the parcel! in reply to dr_nick #
  • @libdom I've been working late in conference centres when Special Branch sweep the drains for bombs. Always entertaining, that. in reply to libdom #
  • @gedrobinson #ldconf usually votes on annual reports after the years have finished, too. in reply to gedrobinson #
  • @mithomas20 oh no, not again! in reply to mithomas20 #
  • @qwghlm … presumably canon printer works with … other sorts of operating system… are you sure printer is at fault? in reply to qwghlm #
  • @celticchickadee there were around 2,000 people there – more than at some of our ordinary conferences! in reply to celticchickadee #
  • @FrancisUrquhart @markpack was counting beards and sandals and came up with depressingly low figure 😦 in reply to FrancisUrquhart #

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Tweets on 2010-05-16

  • Heh. Someone from the Anarchists tried to recruit me. #
  • Heading home before I buy and eat something fattening. #
  • @jamesgraham Erk – that photo was from last week's games night, dunno how it only just got posted. Never played Catan. in reply to jamesgraham #
  • Looking at the sunshine and thinking about beer gardens. And remembering I've probably had enough to drink this week. #
  • @lordbonkers pfff, she's got the tune wrong to The Land. in reply to lordbonkers #
  • Not for the first time, wondering how many case of RSI can be directly attributed to Popcap games. #
  • @thingsgretasays is that one for ? in reply to thingsgretasays #
  • Late night print dash (@ Top Secret Lib Dem Print Cave) #
  • @ChrispLOL no, Chris, it was a poll of our members' only forum which you cannot access without party membership. in reply to ChrispLOL #
  • @gedrobinson I'm sure it will come up. LGBT issues are specifically tackled in amendment 7. in reply to gedrobinson #
  • Getting early night before #ldconf #
  • Ah. Just discovered I haven't unpacked my #ldconf bag from March. Oh well, all the quicker to repack it. #
  • Grrr. There's not a box of 250 C5 Window envelopes anywhere in this city, and I've gotta get to #Ldconf #
  • Arrived in sunny Brum. #

  • Fair votes now #

  • Queuing to swap email for wristband. Alphabetical by surname – Epps, Foster, Graham, Hanson… #
  • Ooh, no, rounding a corner, I see this is F to K. Gareth is in the wrong queue. #
  • Whistling Rob Brydon's choices from Desert Island Discs. #
  • More people in the F-K queue than all the others combined. #
  • Earwigging on conversations. A surprising number of people around me are wrong. #

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Liberal Drinks meeting at Special Conference today

We had an extremely busy day at LDV yesterday with a lot of opinion articles scheduled from a wide spectrum of writers.

In all that, there’s a good chance we might lose sight of our early morning post proposing a Tweetup / Liberal Drinks meeting at the end of the special conference on Sunday.

Full details are here:

To keep our discussion tidy, comments on this post are closed. Please comment on the first blog post from this morning.