Tweetup / Liberal Drinks at special conference

We’re thrilled to be having such a busy day here at LDV with a lot of opinion articles scheduled from a wide spectrum of writers.

In all that, there’s a good chance we might lose sight of our early morning post proposing a Tweetup / Liberal Drinks meeting at the end of the special conference on Sunday.

Full details are here:

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Tweets on 2010-05-15

  • So who decides which Lib Dems get to be ministers? Is it Nick Clegg or David Cameron? #
  • Oh, dear. Look at the time. I guess I'm not going ringing tonight. #
  • And oh, my, listening to Any Questions – how fractious the audience is. #
  • @CoriS you don't want to know what's in the handbag in reply to CoriS #
  • @rfenwick Blame Duncam Borrowman in reply to rfenwick #
  • @rfenwick I'm glad you think so. Now I'll delete that joke before it grows legs and rebounds. in reply to rfenwick #
  • Who's up for a #tweetup at #ldconf Shall we meet at NEC Wetherspoons after the Deputy Prime Minister's speech? #
  • Watching "Bones". Hoping for a really grim autopsy montage. #
  • Ah, no. The vic is already fully skeletonized 😦 #
  • Ooh – a second vic with more flesh. Things are looking up. #
  • @dr_nick well, thanks for that! Haven't had one of those for years/ in reply to dr_nick #
  • I'm planning on going to the Tweetup at #ldconf #
  • Heading to electoral reform demo in Nottingham Market Square woefully ill prepared. No placard, no leaflets, no m'ship pad. #

  • If you like it then you gotta put a man on it. #
  • Ooh, we're gonna march! #
  • 12seconds – Small but vocal #

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Tweetup / Liberal Drinks at special conference

We’re thrilled to be having such a busy day here at LDV with a lot of opinion articles scheduled from a wide spectrum of writers.

In all that, there’s a good chance we might lose sight of our early morning post proposing a Tweetup / Liberal Drinks meeting at the end of the special conference on Sunday.

Full details are here:

To keep our discussion tidy, comments on this post are closed. Please comment on the first blog post from this morning.

Tweetup / Liberal Drinks at Special Conference

Plans are emerging for a Liberal Drink / Tweetup at tomorrow’s special conference.

It’s been a long old while since I was at the NEC (we had a fab time at a printing exhibition ten years ago when we were replacing a folding machine. Going to a conference that included machines that could turn trees into decks of playing cards was a little OTT for a standard folding machine)

However, a bit of a look at the NEC website suggests there is a Wetherspoons on site – and it’s not terribly far from Hall 3 where the special conference takes place.

So, I am proposing a Lib Drinks / Tweetup in the Wetherspoons at the NEC immediately after the speech from the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, which is due to finish the conference around 5pm.

If you’d like to come along, why not click here to let your twitter friends know.

Tweets on 2010-05-14

  • Alan Sillitoe deserves a statue, says Cllr Dave Oldham #
  • There's only a few like @rfenwick who have left the Lib Dems in response to coalition – and the media is desperate to talk to them #
  • UK-born euromyths echoed by Wikipedia | EurActiv #
  • Grrr, mobile internet not working for me tonight. Have to stew in my own thoughts rather than the escapism of Twitter. #
  • Blowing hot and cold re coalition. This moment: cold. Ask me again in 40 mins. #
  • Blimey – more people at Liberal Drinks this evening than ever before. #
  • RT @lordbonkers: Can I just say that I cannot stand Julia Hartley-Brewer? << hear, hear #

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Tweets on 2010-05-13

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Daily View 2×2: 13 May 2010

closeup view of velcroGood morning, and welcome to your super soaraway Daily View on this, the first full day of Liberal government in the UK.

Today in 1958, Velcro was trademarked before going on to applications in haberdashery and space travel.

Birthday boys today include Arthur Sullivan, Armistead Maupin and Stevie Wonder.

2 Big Stories

There’s no doubting from the papers that today is all about the new inhabitants of Downing Street. From a Lib Dem perspective, there’s wor Vince, about to wage war on the banks. Or is he? Does the update to the Guardian’s article, filed 90 minutes after the article itself, herald the first hint of trouble in Paradise?

City is right to fear Vince Cable

Make no mistake, Cable’s appointment matters. David Cameron could have given him another economic job that would have kept him well away from anything to do with City reform. Last night it was mooted that the MP for Twickenham might be made chief secretary to the Treasury, and thus responsible for the delicate negotiations with Whitehall ministries over spending cuts.

Nick Clegg has proved he is no pushover

Jackie Ashley has praise for the Lib Dem leader’s achievements. But will it be enough?

By bringing in fixed-term parliaments and setting the next election for five years’ time, the Lib Dems hope to have had enough time to prove that they have made a difference, and are not simply mini-Cameroons. But it’s a big gamble. There is provision for another election sooner if 55% of MPs vote for one. A falling out between the parties, some rebellious MPs and a few by-elections could turn the arithmetic that way.

2 Must-Read Blog Posts

What are other Liberal Democrat bloggers saying? Here are two posts that have caught the eye from the Liberal Democrat Blogs aggregator:

  • Jonny Wright: tuition fees campaign misdirected
  • If, like me, you’re a student, and if, like me, you’re wondering how to get rid of tuition fees, then consider this. In power, Labour introduced the damn things. The Lib Dems want to scrap them, and if ever we’re in a position to do so, we will. Now, which party should you spent your efforts fighting against?

  • Dave Page: ID Cards to go
  • I joined the Liberal Democrats at the same time as I joined No2ID, the nationwide single-issue, non-partisan campaign against the Database State. For the last few years, I have been co-ordinating Manchester No2ID, a local group of the national campaign. I have worked with people from all political backgrounds, including fellow Lib Dems, Greens, Labour and even anarchists. Working across party lines, on a single issue, has been very refreshing and helped me see beyond party politics. Our monthly street stalls keep me in touch with people’s opinions, and lead to frank and open discussions.

Spotted any other great posts in the last day from blogs that aren’t on the aggregator? Do post up a comment sharing them with us all.

Didn’t they do well?

So, the deal done has been published in full. LDV has the text, and there’s a helpful summary emailed to members which I’m sure I will be able to link to soon. (it’s here)

The agreement includes an awful lot of Lib Dem policies, including lots of versions of what appeared in our top 4: more money for disadvantaged children, lots on sustainability, lots on fairness in tax.

But just how this all works will only be revealed in the fullness of time.

And certainly many of us have grave concerns about what happens next. Can the Tory right really be kept happy with the agreement? And the Lib Dem left? and our own members?

We’re going to have to bite our tongues and wait and see. And we’re back to my call for patience – please don’t rush to judgement. Judge us on our policies

Liberal Democrat policies in Government

Chris Fox, the Lib Dem Chief Exec, has circulated this helpful summary of which of our policies are included in the agreement. It’s slightly easier to wade through than the full text, which we brought you earlier.

A Fair Start for Children

  • Introduce a Pupil Premium to give all children a fair start.

Fairer taxes and Economic Reform

  • A substantial increase in the personal allowance from April 2011 with a longer term policy objective of further increasing the personal allowance to £10,000, making further real terms steps each year towards this objective
  • Reform of the banking system, ensuring a flow of lending to businesses and a Banking Levy. An independent commission on separating retail and investment banking.
  • Capital Gains Tax reform

Fair Politics

  • Fixed-term parliaments and a referendum on electoral reform for the House of Commons.
  • A power of recall, allowing voters to force a by-election where an MP was found to have engaged in serious wrongdoing.
  • A wholly or mainly elected House of Lords on the basis of proportional representation.
  • Giving Parliament control of its own agenda so that all bills are properly debated.
  • Enacting the Calman Commission proposals and a referendum on further Welsh devolution.
  • A statutory register of lobbyists.
  • A limit on political donations and reform of party funding in order to remove big money from politics.
  • Radical devolution of power and greater financial autonomy to local government and community groups.

A fair and sustainable future

  • Establish a smart electricity grid and the roll-out of smart meters.
  • Establish feed-in tariff systems in electricity
  • A huge increase in energy from waste through anaerobic digestion.
  • The creation of a green investment bank.
  • The provision of home energy improvement paid for by the savings from lower energy bills.
  • Retention of energy performance certificates when HIPs are scrapped.
  • Measures to encourage marine energy.
  • The establishment of an emissions performance standard that will prevent coal-fired power stations being built unless they are equipped with sufficient CCS to meet the emissions performance standard.
  • Establish a high-speed rail network.
  • Cancel the third runway at Heathrow and refuse additional runways at Gatwick and Stansted.
  • Replace the Air Passenger Duty with a ‘per plane’ duty.
  • The provision of a floor price for carbon, as well as efforts to persuade the EU to move towards full auctioning of ETS permits.
  • Make the import or possession of illegal timber a criminal offence.
  • Promote green spaces and wildlife corridors in order to halt the loss of habitats and restore biodiversity.
  • Reduce central government carbon emissions by 10 per cent within 12 months.
  • Increase the target for energy from renewable sources.


  • Restoration of the earnings link for the basic state pension from April 2011 with a “triple guarantee” that pensions are raised by the higher of earnings, prices or 2.5%.
  • Phase out the default retirement age and end the rules requiring compulsory annuitisation at 75.
  • Implement the Parliamentary and Health Ombudsman’s recommendation to make fair and transparent payments to Equitable Life policyholders.

Civil Liberties

  • Scrap the ID card scheme, the National Identity register, the next generation of biometric passports and the ContactPoint Database.
  • Outlaw the finger-printing of children at school without parental permission.
  • Extend the scope of the Freedom of Information Act to provide greater transparency.
  • Adopt the Scottish approach to stopping retention of innocent people’s DNA on the DNA database.
  • Defend trial by jury.
  • Restore rights to non-violent protest.
  • A review of libel laws to protect freedom of speech.
  • Safeguards against the misuse of anti-terrorism legislation.
  • Further regulation of CCTV.
  • Ending of storage of internet and email records without good reason.
  • A new mechanism to prevent the proliferation of unnecessary new criminal offences.
  • End the detention of children for immigration purposes.

Tweets on 2010-05-12

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