Tweets on 2010-05-22

  • Hoofing it to Shepshed. #
  • Avoid Nottm city centre right now – major incident closing Parliament St – involving fire engine, bus and lots of water. #
  • Well, Shepshed successfully located. Banner collected. Now to find Nottingham again. #
  • What's this awful retweeting with quotes thing that everyone is doing all of a sudden? Stop it at once! #
  • P peeved at entirely natural migration of mugs into bathroom. "Take TWO cups of coffee into the shower?" #
  • Madonna's Secret Age-Defying Skin Care Regimen #
  • This month's Nottinghamshire Queer Bulletin, brands Cllr Unczur as ITMA. #
  • And last link for a bit – Telegraph reviews Lundy Island, reignites my Wanderlust: #
  • Dan Lepard's Fresh ginger coffee cake recipe looks like one to try. Looks easy, tasty. #
  • @BeauBodOr @dietchef has been helpful with my weightloss. in reply to BeauBodOr #
  • @BeauBodOr yeah, diet sodas and sugar free jellies do feature quite highly in my diet. Normally more the fruity ones rather than the colas in reply to BeauBodOr #
  • @BeauBodOr yeah, absolutely. Have even ended up buying more bowls specially for that purpose. Sloshed jelly all over the fridge, tho. in reply to BeauBodOr #
  • OK, here's today's whinge about pain. My hand hurts. Ow. I ought to have a few days off mousing and texting. Like that's gonna happen. #

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One comment on “Tweets on 2010-05-22

  1. sarah swindell says:

    Re Lundy article: I’ve been to Lundy island three times and can highly recommend it. it’s got a lovely pub, a little shop, and is a really peaceful place to stay. sitting on the top of a cliff watching the seals on the beach below me was a particularly fine way to spend a few hours.

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