Tweets on 2010-05-20

  • Anthony Nolan Trust are organising a bone marrow donation event on 2 June between 2 and 7pm in Nottingham Council House. #
  • They say it's a 10 minute spit test. You don't have to donate marrow there and then. #
  • What sounded like unusual staggering sexism from a Lab cllr turned out to be a football joke. #
  • Planning application for demolition and rebuild Victoria Leisure Centre just passed. I voted against. #
  • Better news, though: demo and renovate scheme for former County House on High Pavement passes. New annexe to boutique hotel. #
  • Now a series of amendments to existing plans: each only just enough to need a new application. #
  • @CllrIainRoberts there's always iPlayer – we're enoying Monty Halls Great Hebridean Escape and/or Edible Garden these days. in reply to CllrIainRoberts #
  • What is the UK best at? CCTV, apparently. #
  • Grant Shapps: "I don't believe Government should ever come along and make things more complicated." << hmm, let's remember this. #
  • @mawawa not technically, but those voting against and those abstaining did ask for their to be recorded. Basically: assume party lines. in reply to mawawa #
  • Browsing the planning application for Jamie Oliver's new Nottingham restaurant. #

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