Tweets on 2010-05-16

  • Heh. Someone from the Anarchists tried to recruit me. #
  • Heading home before I buy and eat something fattening. #
  • @jamesgraham Erk – that photo was from last week's games night, dunno how it only just got posted. Never played Catan. in reply to jamesgraham #
  • Looking at the sunshine and thinking about beer gardens. And remembering I've probably had enough to drink this week. #
  • @lordbonkers pfff, she's got the tune wrong to The Land. in reply to lordbonkers #
  • Not for the first time, wondering how many case of RSI can be directly attributed to Popcap games. #
  • @thingsgretasays is that one for ? in reply to thingsgretasays #
  • Late night print dash (@ Top Secret Lib Dem Print Cave) #
  • @ChrispLOL no, Chris, it was a poll of our members' only forum which you cannot access without party membership. in reply to ChrispLOL #
  • @gedrobinson I'm sure it will come up. LGBT issues are specifically tackled in amendment 7. in reply to gedrobinson #
  • Getting early night before #ldconf #
  • Ah. Just discovered I haven't unpacked my #ldconf bag from March. Oh well, all the quicker to repack it. #
  • Grrr. There's not a box of 250 C5 Window envelopes anywhere in this city, and I've gotta get to #Ldconf #
  • Arrived in sunny Brum. #

  • Fair votes now #

  • Queuing to swap email for wristband. Alphabetical by surname – Epps, Foster, Graham, Hanson… #
  • Ooh, no, rounding a corner, I see this is F to K. Gareth is in the wrong queue. #
  • Whistling Rob Brydon's choices from Desert Island Discs. #
  • More people in the F-K queue than all the others combined. #
  • Earwigging on conversations. A surprising number of people around me are wrong. #

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