Six Feet Under 5×08/09/10

Well, that was unexpected.


Chesterfield SunsetAfter a horrid day of it completely tipping it down, it sort of changed its mind and we got this lovely sunset, which set off the municipal planting on the roundabout outside my office in a really nice way.

(Hmm, how do I stop it overflowing like that?)

Techy dilemma

I’ve managed to change the photos at the head of this page from generic to my own, but I’m not 100% convinced it’s actually an improvement.

In other tech news, I’ve volunteered to take over the SAS choir website, given that the ones that we’ve had in the last few years aren’t great. We did have an excellent one a few years ago, but unfortunately a great parting of ways has happened since then.

The first thought was to try and find a CMS that would do the job. The website is going to be quite simple. A few static pages of explanatory notes and a members’ section with details about the next tour. I thought it would be nice if it could have an interactive ‘e-mail me when it changes’ function, and there might also be a use for a members’ bulletin board.

Dataflame has a widget that can instal various different CMSes for you so I spent an afternoon playing with variety of different ones to see if I could get what I wanted. I couldn’t. They were all a bit too much for me. They all had hundreds of features that would take hours to turn off, or clunky funky designs that shout script kiddy rather than anglican choir.

Back to the drawing board. This might be a hand-written website. That’s going to take a little more time.


Hmmm. I half wish hoovering weren’t something I did in the middle of the night before a special occasion (eg landlord or parental visit, moving out).

Only half-wish. Once I get started, I get really pernickity about skirting boards and shifting things to hoover underneath. And Dysons are heavy! I don’t think I’d have the energy to do it every week.

My house is cleaner than that of some other Lib Dems. But that’s not saying much. And it doesn’t molify P much either.

St Paul’s

St Paul's at Night St Paul’s don’t allow any photography inside the building, so no photos of

  • Mountstuart Elphinstone’s memorial
  • The burnt and blackened statues from the cathedral destroyed in 1666
  • The monument to Christian Manliness.

Instead, plenty of exterior shots, and some more of people at the Globe from Wednesday night, all here.