Jars and bottles

Last week, I went to Ikea to buy fancy kitchen storage jars. I’ve started buying pulses and stuff in huge, hugely cheap 2kg bags. Unfortunately this means leaving open bags of lentils on the worktops. And lentils get everywhere.

So, I went to Ikea to buy jars to put things in, and came back with a shelf load of large jars and some matching smaller ones. Big jars full of colourful lentils and red beans and so on look smart enough to have out on display, freeing up some cupboard space.

Only I bought too many jars. I figured ‘can’t have too many’.

Today I found myself buying more, different pulses, just to use the jars up.

Anyone got good chick-pea recipes? I thought not…

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4 comments on “Jars and bottles

  1. Rob Fenwick says:

    You went to Ikea for jars and you *only* bought jars?

    How come you’re impervious to the egg-cups shaped as chickens? The laughably cheap up-lighters? The… the…

  2. niles says:

    Familiarity. And a house full of junk. And an imminent house move…

  3. mym says:

    > Anyone got good chick-pea recipes? I thought not…

    I refuse to believe that is a genuine appeal… or conclusion.

  4. niles says:

    I’m always interested in good things to do with pulses because everything I come up with on my own tastes a bit… thin.

    It would be nice to make some hummus, but when I remember to look, I can’t find any tahini.

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