Ooh, lovely

Yesterday I bought a new fountain pen from Andy’s Pens along with a bottle of green ink. The idea is that I will use it for marking if and when I get into teaching, but there’s always the chance I can use it to write mad letters to politicians.

As before, Andy was super quick in replying to emails, and got the stuff in the post the same day, with the consequence that it was with me this morning, less than 24 hours after I ordered it. It writes lovely, it does. And now my fingers are a little green-stained, as my hands are not steady enough to fill a pen without spreading the ink a little further than intended. Still, bottled ink and permanent cartridges are so much cheaper a way of buying ink than plastic cartridges.

Andy has some lovely vintage pens which I sometimes look at enviously, but rest assured my new pen was a little more budget conscious.

Now all I have to do is not lose it!

I also took the time to treat myself to a nice new journal for writing things in – these Penguinesque note-books are things of beauty – but they are much smaller than I imagined. Almost but not quite small enough to fit in a back pocket, they also have a little pockety thing of their own stuck into the back page. I bought The Invisible Man; regular readers will recall I made a free audiobook of the H G Wells classic for Librivox a number of years ago now. (Since I recorded it, nearly 200,000 people have listened to it, and it has received many kind reviews. Also one or two not so kind reviews, mostly about the background noise. I have invested in a better microphone since then)


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