Product endorsement: corn on the cob forks

Not letting unemployment get in the way of shopping, last week, I bought some of these off Amazon.

We’ve been eating a lot of corn on the cob since I found them in the freezer aisle. I’d previously thought of them as a summer only, barbecue type of thing, and bought the loose corn in frozen bags, or occasionally in tins (for making sweetcorn chowder or sweetcorn fritters, in theory, although I can’t recall ever actually doing so). But the mini-cobettes from the freezer bag taste really good, microwave really quickly at the end of cooking time, and are just slightly annoying to eat using standard cutlery.

So to overcome that eating annoyance, I had been looking out for corn picks for a few weeks, and just not seeing them in any of the old familiar places, so I resorted to the internet. And the ones I chose are lovely bright colours, make the job of eating corn on the cob much easier, and most cleverly of all, they clip together to keep the sharp prongs safely concealed when they are stored in the cutlery drawer.

The Amazon reviews all point out that they are good for toddlers too, although I cannot really comment on that.


One comment on “Product endorsement: corn on the cob forks

  1. Kathryn says:

    The boys love corn on the cob – although I usually get them to eat it with their hands. Last time I tried corn on the cob spiky things, Leo kept pulling them out and then complaining he couldn’t get them back in, eventually stabbing me in the arm!!!

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