Tweets on 2011-08-27

  • Can you help LDV arrange a Lib Drinks event at #ldconf in Birmingham? discuss in forum here: #
  • Dressing for dinner is less impressive when you have essentially spent the day #NIFOC #
  • For various reasons, I have all the keys this weekend. Church keys and print cave keys. Jangling like a jailer. #
  • @rfenwick pff, what are you going to do when it actually gets properly cold? it's still over 19 degrees out there, daytimes! in reply to rfenwick #
  • @DrewCR2 that's a little on the creepy side. But, erm. Nice sheets. 🙂 in reply to DrewCR2 #
  • Motoring through some to-do list items that have been hanging around for ages. Doesn't have to be daylight to shine shoes. #
  • Charlie Brooker to make spoof detective drama 'A Touch of Cloth' << ahahaha! #

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