Tweets on 2011-05-10

  • Picking up some plants undelivered on eve of poll (@ Royal Mail Office) #
  • So, erm, anyone got any pointers for seasonal work somewhere French or German speaking? All the camp jobs look filled already 😦 #
  • The other night, I dreamed about making banana custard… with a chocolate mousse layer… #
  • My first day of unemployment. Studiously avoiding watching Countdown. #
  • Poller Bear – #
  • Srsly, seconds after I blog about Eeyore, the neighbouring Wol really starts hooting like crazy. #
  • RT @LonWon: "nasal gazing"? *snorts* RT @libdemvoice: Opinion: Lib Dems must prove coalitions work #
  • Reading about the nation's first local national social network. Some of you will know what jingle that makes me hum. #
  • To err is human. #
  • RT @owenblacker: RT @KirstyYarr: RT @solanah: Dalek found in pond. No. Really. #
  • Stunning bit of winning friends and influencing people from Mark Littlewood on #bbcr4 #

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