Tweets on 2011-05-11

  • RT @facesake: RT @vikkistone: You accidentally put 2 choirs instead of 2 chairs on a tech spec, and suddenly you're a diva. #
  • Just had awesome offer of catsitting in Normandy. Trying to fit it in. #
  • I never knew John Pugh MP was a Dr…?! #
  • Watching award winning Icelandic sitcom Night Shift. #
  • RT @themiltonjones: I always wanted to go swimming with dolphins. But when it came to it they both died in the car on the way to the baths. #
  • RT @christook: Gave 16 pieces of casework to my victorious Tory election opponent. His first Q was – Erm, what's casework? (@lornaspenceley) #
  • RT @Psythor: "There's only one party you can trust on the NHS, and its the one that I lead" says Cameron, unbelievably. #pmqs #
  • @owenblacker je ne sais pas répondre à la question principale, mais on écrit "il y a" sans accent grave. #

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