I made @danlepard’s Cinnamon buns


I made these today, following Dan Lepard’s recipe in the Guardian.

The technique and the ingredients are all a little weird, but the resulting buns are really good. I have had to buy ryvita specially to make it, but it was worth it, even with that.

I don’t know if I didn’t roll the dough tightly enough, but an awful lot of the breadcrumb filling fell out when I started cutting it up.

I was also surprised that the cinnamon only goes in the breadcrumb filling and not the rest of the bun mix. But it still works just fine. I’m not massively keen on the cardamom flavour, but it would be dull without it.

The other thing I made today was at least a second outing for Waitrose’s Chicken Thighs


Each time I make this, the potatoes don’t get cooked properly. I thought I could fix this this time by cutting the potatoes into much smaller pieces. That didn’t work, so next time I will try parboiling.

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