No Tesco discussion this week

Bit surprised to read in Saturday’s Nottingham Post that councillors are due to discuss whether there will be a Tesco East Side at Wednesday’s Development Control Committee.

I’ve read the papers for that meeting, and this isn’t due to be discussed.

It is, however, a fascinating agenda. We will be considering a huge variety of different planning applications.

A police warehouse changing to student digs.

The building of a new aerospace hangar at the University of Nottingham. A renovation of a block in the Lace Market – including cleaning the dingy brown bricks to reveal that they are, in fact, red under 40 years of smut.

The demolition of the old MFI buildings on Castle Boulevard and the building of an 800-seat super church.

The change of use in New Basford from a warehouse to a 600-seat banqueting suite, with supporting letters from the local Asian community saying such a facility is desperately needed. (I’m amazed at how small the kitchens can be to turn out 600 covers!)

And if that wasn’t enough, we’re also considering a temporary permission for a derelict patch of land by the tram terminus, to turn it into modern art for a few months:

The piece of art has the working title of “Hill of the Faiths or Fake Trees”. It is proposed that it will comprise three individual structures. Each will be 12 metres high with a structure measuring 4.5 x 4 x 4 metres affixed to the top. The main structure will represent a minaret and three sanctuaries representing a church, a synagogue and a mosque will be affixed to the top. The structures will be constructed from a steel upright encased in an aluminium cast casing, fabricated in four sections to represent the minaret. The sanctuaries will be formed by 75cm diameter aluminium circles fixed together.

Last month’s planning agenda was desperately quiet, with only two planning applications. This month’s is a compensatory giant.

But there’s no Tesco discussion this month!


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