Tweets on 2011-03-21

  • Signing a bucket load of forms ready to stand for election. That came around quickly! #
  • Approximating a char sui marinade with random ingredients I have in house. Ouzo for rice wine, pineapple juice for hoi sin sauce. #
  • Some amazing shots in the Super Moon Flickr Blog post #

  • Oh dear. Making @danlepard's vegan Sherried Apple tart – turns out my tin much bigger than recipe calls for. #
  • How to make a shooter's sandwich | Life and style | #
  • @willhowells you survived your diet, and now you discover McDonalds! Turn back! Repent! #
  • I've put Glee on the other monitor while I do work in this one. Finally catching up to Xmas episode. Wheelchair users must really hate this. #

  • – @documentally Front bottom camera? That's a phrase that… um… needs some work. #
  • Scarlet’s Little Moment of Gay Rights Win #

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