Tweets on 2011-03-20

  • All those in the how-long-till-new-car-knackered sweepstake, answer is now! Just got rear-ended at junction. #
  • New bumper needed, I guess. Cosmetic damage only, got other guy's details #
  • @MoyseyUK well I'm not going to (although that did happen when it was me to blame in 2004) #
  • RT @dr_nick: Great use of qr codes – today received postcard from Anthony Nolan trust with an update your contact details here qr code =) #
  • RT @BeauBodOr: RT @hexachordal: Woman at the train station pulling along luggage with one working wheel. Case en pointe. #
  • @BeauBodOr @hexachordal wow, ballet puns?! #
  • I'm totes fine, no damage to me at all. #
  • @BeauBodOr My mental pic of you was younger! I haven't got long left – I only reg'ed because us diseased gays aren't allowed to give blood. #
  • @kayray eating is one of life's pleasures! I'd rather have work-in-a-pill #
  • RT @turtlestack: We're at war with France! CORRECTION: We're at war, with France. #punctuationmatters #
  • RT @GaryDelaney: I'm pretty sure that Prof.Brian Cox looks 14% larger than usual today. #

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