Tweets on 2011-02-22

  • @nickparkhouse rephrase the sentence. Many wooden and metal bike storage units are available in the UK today. #
  • @journodave "Gaddafi line"? As in "change at Liverpool Street for the Gaddafi line"? #
  • Have somehow managed to confuse myself about whether you need to go down or up to get from floor to 2 to 3. #
  • @ianvisits I think you foment revolution, rather than fermenting it. #
  • RT @GaryDelaney: I used to really fancy a quantum physicist, but sometimes it was like she didn't even know I existed. #

  • RT @trewavas: @alexfoster this is the floor system in my uni building: #
  • @stephentall you making a kitchen or a tube station? #disguisingjealousywithwaspishness #
  • @trewavas seriously or is that a joke photo?! #
  • @tom_geraghty I thought UPS was supposed to be just enough to boot down safely? #
  • Couch Biopsy #
  • @10anta @A_C_McGregor @mathew4barwell @luke_tyson Nottm Lib Drinks 10 Mar, Fellows Morton & Clayton. #
  • @10anta I've been here all along #
  • @10anta explain this "career" to me again? #
  • RT @AmazonKindle: Check out blog post “Don’t send the developing world PCs: send them Kindles” #
  • Woohoo MEGA FRUIT BONUS!! Ahem. I mean, "Ooh, this leaflet I'm designing is coming along nicely." #
  • RT @qikipedia: In the last 5 years, the Royal Mail spent £5m buying 5bn red rubber bands. Postmen use 2m of them every day. #
  • Scary aerial shot of fallen Christchurch, NZ tower. One of the few churches outside the UK to have Eng bellringing. #
  • RT @Psythor: @alexfoster Liz is in Christchurch now (she's fine). She took this picture of the church yesterday: #
  • @Psythor @sillypunk was my first thought when I heard on the news, glad to hear she's OK. #

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Tweets on 2011-02-21

  • @darrenram Lenton Lane recycling stats are amazing – over 90% of what's taken there, iirc. #
  • @DrEvanHarris is there an argument that having people on the reg who aren't a risk are diluting its effectiveness? #
  • 365 Days without shaving or triming. #
  • Heard a new Marianne Faithful song on Woman's Hour this week. Didn't like it much, but boy is it stuck on my brain now. #earworm #
  • @A_C_McGregor no. Of 353 English councils 20 odd are in coalition, 20 minority control. #
  • RT @qwghlm: Everyone seems to be hating on Michael Winner. Every time someone does I am reminded of this #
  • @10anta Kittens are exhausting! #
  • I'm at Notts Fire and Rescue HQ (Bestwood Lodge, Arnold, Nottingham) #
  • It's bloody snowing #uksnow NG5 2/10 #
  • @nickparkhouse there is a range. there are a lot of units. #

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Tweets on 2011-02-19

  • Oh dear. Truncated Evening Post headline reads "Freed sex offender demands to be taken." #

  • Council making good use of QR codes for Lightnight. #

  • Curious installation in Bromley House Garden #
  • Belated Valentines dinner. (@ Pizza Hut) #
  • @Hookbell how've you done that? all my settings look right but it's just not working. #
  • What happened when ET phoned home ( board) #
  • @owenblacker @PaulTwinn can it not be both? #
  • RT @NathanFillion: Nice. Real, real nice. I feel the love. #
  • @owenblacker @alexwilcock multimember constituencies is the next step. And definitely preferable to 5-yrly boundary reviews. #
  • @NGHodder so is @magicweston (I'm home now) #
  • Watch this! I can fit Emily Dickinson's entire head in my mouth! #
  • @NCCLols I think it should actually be reported next week, if I understood right, the public wasn't excluded from meeting. #
  • Explain that "early night" thing to me again? #
  • @millenniumdome eek #

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Tweets on 2011-02-18

  • @Psythor Nottingham Lib Dems are having a Hot Potato night. But then you knew that already yeah? 🙂 #
  • RT @MyNottingham: Nottingham Central Library fully reopens on Monday! Perfect for half term events! #
  • . @Psythor the French for baked potato is actually the cute "potatoes in their dressing gowns" – pomme de terre en robe de chambre #
  • RT @MyNottingham: Lovely piece about Light Night (taking place tomorrow!) on LeftLion: #
  • @tonytheaker more of a tinker than a revamp. Certainly no Brum or Newcastle. #
  • @Rick_Hall you want to talk about planning to children for 45 mins first thing in the morning? Can't think how you'd make it interesting! #
  • @sarabedford kin prawns? kin marvellous! #
  • RT @ianvisits Labour's Shadow Minister for Pubs is tee-total. You couldn't make it up. <<< P Eye got worked up their Mins of Ag were veggie #
  • @lordbonkers some people waste an awful lot of time on the really obvious. #
  • RT @lordbonkers: Seven ways to thank someone for a retweet via @jaybaer #
  • "Sit And Knit A Bit" – knit a blanket square for International Women's Day #
  • Please stop buying pianos #
  • Wondering if OO code is like 00 flour (@darrenram) #
  • @dwbullock mine didn't really put me off cooking but I can't really watch the show the same way any more. #
  • Grr. My online bank is limiting me to transactions less than £999,999. How will I cope? #
  • Ooh, @helenduffett has just noticed I have 666 followers. #
  • @JChris_J that's weird, I don't follow him! I am but one of 58,000. #
  • RT @BeauBodOr: RT @DanAndDanFilms: The Sun is due to interfere with mobile phone communications. Sounds very familiar. #
  • @darrenram 00 flour is a very fine grade of flour intended for making pasta #
  • @rfenwick don't it go to show you never know? #
  • Weird. My local cell tower must be dead. Mobile call dropped halfway and now no connection. #

  • RT @jamesmcgraw: RT @mirandafay: Nearly forgot! I caught this amazing York headline on my phone today. #localnews #
  • Knock knock who's there? Knock knock who's there? knock knock knock knock knock knock knock who's there? There? There? There? Philip Glass #
  • #
  • @Neil_Littlewood hey, yeah, are we still mailing you? #

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Pudding club: Lancashire hotpot

In a rare happening, I volunteered to make the main for this week’s outing, and so this week’s pudding is not a pudding at all.

What I actually wanted to was lamb shanks, as I have recently discovered these. Well, I ate them ten years ago, in Bistrot les sans culottes ((Nicholas Parsons shouldn’t climb trees)) and much more recently I discovered you can get them in the butchers, they are not particularly expensive, they are delicious, and they are easy to cook.

However, for once I was catering for 6 not 4, and I wasn’t sure I had a pot big enough to cook six lamb shanks, so I decided to do a Lancs hot pot instead.

A dish for that many would have entailed quite a lot of vegetable chopping, so I got the food processor out and fitted the slicing attachment. There is always the danger, when chopping veg for stews in the processor, of chopping too finely and ending up with an unrecognisable mush. I sought to avoid this by using the slicer instead. I used the fine slicer – and next time I will use the coarse slicer instead.

This nicely filled my 5 litre orange le Creuset wedding present pot, and it cooked on the oven floor. I was undermining my veggie Valentines menu by cooking this at the same time for the following day.

Lancs hotpot

In the end, only four of us were there to eat it, but the leftovers hotted up nicely the following day, so it did do six generous portions.

750 grams lamb chunks
olive oil and butter for
3 small onions
4 sticks celery
3 carrots
garlic to taste ((I am rapidly becoming one of those annoying people who ‘likes garlic but it doesn’t like me’))
handful mushrooms
1 large bottle, Manns Brown Ale
3 large potatoes (I had baking potatoes to hand)
Oxo cubes and Worcester sauce

In your stove-to-oven casserole, brown the meat and remove from the heat. Chop the veg and brown it bit by bit, caramelising the onions as much as possible, then return all the veg and meat to the pan.

Add the bottle of beer, two oxo cubes dissolved in a little hot water, and a good glug of Worcester sauce.

Slice the potatoes finely and layer on top of the stew.

Cook the lot for 90 minutes at 180. Or longer, or shorter. Or do what I somehow managed to do, which is actually whack the dial on the oven up to 250 and not notice for 40 minutes. This seems to be a pretty forgiving dish.

Shortly before the end of cooking time, remove from the oven and brush the potatoes with melted butter or dripping. Whack under the grill to get a nice brown finish on the spuds, and serve.


Eek! They’re switching off BBC2 in just over a month

This post on Wartime Housewife prompted me to visit Digital UK again to find out what is happening in our area.

I was dimly aware something was up. I have spoken to Digital UK at Lib Dem conference in the past, and know that they are rolling out the digital switchover, and the end of free-to-air analogue television, in stages, across the UK. The first few regions have already completed the change. I know that the East Mids was soon.

I’ve also had something pink and scary through the post that explains very briefly what is going on.

But I hadn’t really appreciated till now quite how soon it will be.

Plugging my postcode into the website gives me the information that they are switching off BBC2 analogue in just over a month, on 30th March. All remaining analogue stations will go a few weeks after that, on 13th April.

For people living in Notts: if you are currently using a digital TV receiver, for example a set-top box, you will need to retune it on both of those dates.

If you are currently receiving your TV through your aerial and don’t have a digibox, you will lose BBC2 in just over a month and will lose all TV on the second date. Time to make the switch! If you have cable (Virgin) or satellite (Sky) TV you are not affected.