Tweets on 2011-02-18

  • @Psythor Nottingham Lib Dems are having a Hot Potato night. But then you knew that already yeah? 🙂 #
  • RT @MyNottingham: Nottingham Central Library fully reopens on Monday! Perfect for half term events! #
  • . @Psythor the French for baked potato is actually the cute "potatoes in their dressing gowns" – pomme de terre en robe de chambre #
  • RT @MyNottingham: Lovely piece about Light Night (taking place tomorrow!) on LeftLion: #
  • @tonytheaker more of a tinker than a revamp. Certainly no Brum or Newcastle. #
  • @Rick_Hall you want to talk about planning to children for 45 mins first thing in the morning? Can't think how you'd make it interesting! #
  • @sarabedford kin prawns? kin marvellous! #
  • RT @ianvisits Labour's Shadow Minister for Pubs is tee-total. You couldn't make it up. <<< P Eye got worked up their Mins of Ag were veggie #
  • @lordbonkers some people waste an awful lot of time on the really obvious. #
  • RT @lordbonkers: Seven ways to thank someone for a retweet via @jaybaer #
  • "Sit And Knit A Bit" – knit a blanket square for International Women's Day #
  • Please stop buying pianos #
  • Wondering if OO code is like 00 flour (@darrenram) #
  • @dwbullock mine didn't really put me off cooking but I can't really watch the show the same way any more. #
  • Grr. My online bank is limiting me to transactions less than £999,999. How will I cope? #
  • Ooh, @helenduffett has just noticed I have 666 followers. #
  • @JChris_J that's weird, I don't follow him! I am but one of 58,000. #
  • RT @BeauBodOr: RT @DanAndDanFilms: The Sun is due to interfere with mobile phone communications. Sounds very familiar. #
  • @darrenram 00 flour is a very fine grade of flour intended for making pasta #
  • @rfenwick don't it go to show you never know? #
  • Weird. My local cell tower must be dead. Mobile call dropped halfway and now no connection. #

  • RT @jamesmcgraw: RT @mirandafay: Nearly forgot! I caught this amazing York headline on my phone today. #localnews #
  • Knock knock who's there? Knock knock who's there? knock knock knock knock knock knock knock who's there? There? There? There? Philip Glass #
  • #
  • @Neil_Littlewood hey, yeah, are we still mailing you? #

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