Tweets on 2011-02-14

  • @rfenwick @OrangeProse will there be sandwiches? #
  • @dr_nick start geocaching! You won't run out for ages and ages! #
  • Grand mystery as piano appears on Florida sandbar – #
  • @markpack hide the chocolate! #
  • Ringing for a service for people getting married.this year. (@ Daybrook St Pauls) #
  • Note to self. Micro-fleece is completely the wrong garment for ringing. Way too warm. #
  • Watching another fillum. Lovefillum won't know woss hit'em if we return 2 in a week. Tonight: Changeling. #
  • Hmm. Changeling was long and annoying. #

  • Fitted sheet, folded as per the strictures of The Internets. #
  • Anyone know who the peer was who delivered a speech from an iPad (last para – was it @ricallan? #
  • Gah! Tom Brake robbed again! #

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