Tweets on 2010-12-23

  • Can't quite believe I made it in. Feel totally rubbish. (@ Loxley House) #
  • Intrigued by report reference to job title which suggests Council now has a Head of Intelligence. #
  • Welcoming good quality tech design in housing scheme for Lenton Bvd. Hope it actually gets built! #
  • @A_C_McGregor on planning website, code 10/03217/PFUL3 #
  • RT @magicweston: A misinforms me that his mother recommends feeding birds to mince pies… #
  • @lan3y Here's link: – planning wesbite doesn't seem to have helpful perspective drawing we saw in ctte. #
  • @jamesmcgraw I liked it. Had us laughing out loud several times. But it's been 15 years since I read the books. #
  • @nrusson so WTF is a lower-case h hitler? #
  • @A_C_McGregor #
  • @rfwgwheeler @JChris_J I wondered if our RIPA powers had got so out of control that we're running spies now. Council has its own M! #
  • Invisible Homeless WIN – Win! #
  • @lordbonkers bit like Monty Python, mmm? #
  • Wouldn't want it without the little drummer squid. #
  • Wondering if this port-based cold remedy would work with sherry. #
  • *sigh* I knew I was bunged up, coughing and headachey, but it wasn't till Ctte this afternoon I realised how blocked my ears were too. #
  • RT @helenduffett: Just got an email from Don Liberali! I thought he left town years ago. Scared now. #
  • @helenduffett self-medicate with alcohol #
  • @jamesmcgraw and strange no-one seemed remotely interested in how the time machine worked. #
  • @adamrio Key West is an awful lot closer. #
  • @rfenwick *googles* doesn't he look a bit too much like Joey from Friends? #

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