Tweets on 2010-12-22

  • @dr_nick so what's there? #
  • @LloydieJL presumably it's already been taped? #
  • @A_C_McGregor isn't it just a slightly battered trilby? #
  • @TimHarford @ianvisits did a search for "hitler" which had a massive spike around 1800… #
  • RT @mawawa: Kings of Leon unharmed but their sets are on fire. #
  • Ooh, interesting. Bright magnesium flash from toaster. Now it's only making Sting toast. #
  • Hehe. "Does english people like the toast done on one side really ?" Best answer – chosen by voters: "No." #
  • @kayray was wirdste tun, wenn sie auf Deutsch antwortet? #
  • Unexpected outcome of no snow in Nottingham has been a lot of flights for Heathrow diverted to East Mids Airport. #
  • Poor lion feels left out of carousel action. #
  • @rfenwick this is what I got when I basically needed a laptop for conference. #
  • Grrr.'s "Twitter retweet" button doesn't appear to work. #
  • @jamesgraham how's that political restriction working out for you? 🙂 #
  • @rfenwick and if you, hem, hem, use exactly that link, hem hem… #

  • Apparently we had one all along. tobble. #
  • @Meryl_F hope not, I actually have to leave house tomorrow, was hoping to fit in supermarket too. #
  • @dr_nick hopefully no-one froze to death? #
  • Urgh! Count the ways this is awful. Take That as "older men" ?! Stop wearing colours, grandad. Stay home this summer. #
  • @Alexander_Ball maybe you're just growing your winter fur. It doesn't seem to have warmed up much. #
  • Addressing envelopes for Christmas cards whilst watching a particularly gruesome CSI autopsy scene. #
  • Envelopes 101. Check they're all the right way up before you start writing them. #
  • @artesea coo, not sure what that means, but thanks for fixing. Deffo works now. #
  • @hughmcguire daughter's on the left, right? :p #

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