Tweets on 2010-12-24

  • @Meryl_F use Kenwood to make pastry. Don't roll out too many times. Packet puff. #
  • @JChris_J yes, but do yours eat birds? #
  • RT Have you listened to the @PodDelusion's LIVE CHRISTMAS SHOW? If not, what's your excuse?! << have been ill / busy. #
  • RT @mpntod: RT @marcusbrig: If you haven't already – do this… stick in a post code and enjoy… #
  • I love the way Tommy Sheridan pronounces "Murdoch". #
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended. NB, cats don't count. [vid] #
  • Sheridan pronounces Murdoch like Taggart pronounced Murder. "Like there's more than one deid" #
  • @JChris_J Ortolans? #
  • Rampant inflation at FooPets. I used to earn 500 FooGems every time I went to feed eKitteh. Now it's up to 600. #
  • @jamesgraham pulse-based diets produce a lot of greenhouse gases. #
  • Wrapping any old tat to augment the sad-looking, few, high-value (*) presents under the tree. (* high to us, anyhoo. Not burglar-worthy.) #
  • @oneexwidow It's still doing it. Grr, #
  • Chuckling at Lord Barg getting stroppy on #bbc #iot #
  • @kayray are you sure the rainstorm was the determining factor? #
  • Aargh! forgot the parmesan! #
  • Oh, he didn't just pronounce "canals" as can-ARLS ?! #bbc #iot #
  • "Sarah Teather sticks to the script" – I don't know if that's not actually more depressing than going off-message. #
  • Wow, they had batteries in 250 BC. (BC not DC) #
  • @MoyseyUK they almost came to blows at one point. Racist! #
  • I am perilously close to having a Mirandaesque Chart for Christmas. Still, have made the starter and an emergency pudding already. #
  • Well, I suppose it's the second emergency pudding as actually there's a shop Xmas pud that appeared in the cupboard recently too. #
  • Shouldn't speak too soon, but yesterday's alcohol based cold-remedy turned out to be very effective and I felt much better today #
  • Can't understate the benefits of getting just enough drunk to sleep like a log. #
  • Now, however, I am absolutely exhausted and wondering whether I need to drink to sleep again? #
  • @oneexwidow OK, ta for trying. #
  • @rfenwick mixing two separate, heart-burn causing liquids is just so arduous. #

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