Tweets on 2010-12-01

  • Setting out now. Send out a search party if I don't check in on foursquare soon. #
  • Phew. Safely here. All main roads nice and clear. (@ Notts Fire and Rescue HQ) #
  • @dan_lepard what ingredients will we need? 🙂 #
  • @NGHodder they're having a sit-in in the Great Hall, I think I read on twitter. #
  • Lib Dem Councillor's family home attacked by Socialist Workers <<<< eek! #
  • @Documentally you risk freezing it off! #
  • Seriously folks. Don't try and drive on Winchester St, Nottingham right now. #
  • The gritting lorry made it up the hill but the taxi following couldn't make it and had to do a slippery 3pt turn. #
  • @A_C_McGregor is that "haven't gritted it at all" or "haven't gritted it again since it last stopped snowing" ? #
  • @A_C_McGregor No 28 bus not currently serving Bracebridge Drive: #
  • A little freaked out by Nigella's furry apron #notaeuphemism #
  • RT @NCCLols Blimey. All Nottingham City Tx buses were suspended 1/2 hr ago << cor, that doesn't happen often. #
  • LOLcat's kitty reunion story: #
  • Washing up at 3am. Tomorrow: time management training session. #
  • So, apparently, sluishing ceramic baking beads in a plastic colander in washing up water sounds a lot like shaking the cat-treats pot. #
  • I never knew that. The Print Cave is only two miles from here. And there's a good pub halfway. Hmmm. *strokes beard* #

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