Tweets on 2010-11-30

  • @agnt_orange @tom_geraghty has been doing that for the last day or so. #
  • @agnt_orange @tom_geraghty talking about iPhone cf Blackberry #
  • What if the largest countries had the highest populations? (no change for Ireland, US) #
  • @agnt_orange @tom_geraghty I'm an Android user now. Don't have a dog in the race in iPhone v BB, #
  • @agnt_orange @tom_geraghty Blackberries are even too boring to grill. #
  • @agnt_orange might be worth asking @helenduffett – she has every phone going and still prefers Blackberry. #
  • "Lagerita" ?!! #
  • Just when I thought I might be able to move the car tomorrow, it resnowed. How am I going to get to Fire HQ now?! #
  • Ooh, new email. Jean Patrique is offering me a special deal on his magic chopper! #
  • @austinrathe and you've got your faun costume on… no… wait. #
  • Wondering which of my protected characteristics to ham up for my equalities interview. #
  • Eek, when did we get to nine protected characteristics? I thought it was six? #
  • @dr_nick doesn't take anything other than a dusting before the car is stuck on the hill. #
  • @adamrio googling flights now #

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