Tweets on 2010-12-02

  • There's a certain grim inevitability, but I think I'm going to be late for my time management training. #
  • RT @etherjammer: "Real women use PC's"? "Real women use Mac's"? REAL WOMEN USE APOSTROPHES CORRECTLY #
  • My bro struggled to PO depot to collect new gadget only to find when he got there it was actually birthday flowers for his wife. Tee hee. #
  • Ordnance Survey scarf. Now with tassles. Only in the Ordnance Survey webshop, apparently. #
  • Can anyone recommend an Android app for backing up photos from phone to PC? #
  • Have just trudged two miles through cold and snow. Now casting eye over wine rack for something mullable. #
  • @owenblacker as you point out, it's a bit cold for a qwiki. #
  • @qwghlm I *so* misread "hereto". #
  • @dr_nick you still have to drive slowly! #
  • LibriVox describes Advent calendars as a German tradition. Do they not have them in the US? #
  • Probably Not The Best Christmas Decorating Idea #

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