Tweets on 2010-11-29

  • Weather station says -8 overnight, -4 now. Not a new low – coldest recorded was -10 at some point. #
  • Ignorant US mosque protests also end up protesting churches… #
  • Missed Stir-up Sunday, but still thinking of making a Christmas pud -@DanLepard's or Heston's #
  • Disney / Divorce [PIC] #
  • @MadameNottm did you see it did get to almost -14 out by @miketd? #
  • @rfenwick Twitter Tools. Needs PHP5. #
  • Trying to work out why it feels so much colder in the house today than yesterday. P points out yesterday we overrode heating clock. #
  • I can't sing Born Free without it turning into Lawrence of Arabia. (@lauriepink @mitchbenn) #
  • @barton_of_notts it doesn't look like you're *in* the hottub… #
  • The longer the day goes on, the clearer it becomes to me that I can't be bothered to candy an orange. #
  • Cablegate? Oh, gawd, what has Vince done now? #
  • @robinstaple better than opera mini? #
  • @benrav Nice! #
  • @tom_geraghty depends whether having buttons is a dealbreaker for you? #
  • @tom_geraghty I've never had a blackberry but everyone I've ever known with one swears by them. #

  • Disgraceful push-polling from @yougov #
  • @tom_geraghty but employee already doesn't like those…? you getting any responses from people who've switched BB to iP? #
  • It's actually warming up out there. But how is it possible that the heat sensor on my solar evacuated tubes is reading 19 deg? #
  • Might have to ration catfood if #theThaw doesn't come soon. #
  • I've just donated to #Movember Join me in supporting men's health – #
  • This whole not-going-to-bed-til-I-win-a-game-of-Spider thing is really not working for me. #
  • @Aswash I think it would take more than little ole me to take down Yougov. #
  • @Aswash Of course I think about what I tweet. Main roads and bus routes in Notts are clear but local roads and steep bits are hairy. #
  • @CouncilMouse I heard it was more than that? And it's still only rented. #
  • RT @magicweston Ooh, Professor Layton and the Lost Future. << anyone would think a massive gift giving season was approaching or something. #

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