Tweets on 2010-11-28

  • @sarabedford same here, hours later 🙂 #
  • The kitchen minion is making coffee icecream. #
  • I think I know some councillors who work on this basis too. #
  • Are you getting enough Vitamin D? #
  • Thermometer at the bottom of the garden says -4.6. Thermometer dangling from bedroom window says -2.5. Too much heat leaking from house! #
  • @jonathanfryer oh, no, how awful. 😦 #
  • Om nom nom (@ La Capanna) #
  • Now kitchen minion is feeding me coffee icecream. #
  • When Steve the Kitten stands at the corner of the room looking haughty, we call him Mrs Danvers. Neither of us has seen or read Rebecca. #
  • *sigh* kitchen minion read twitter and got all huffy and took the coffee icecream away. #
  • @dr_nick you haven't really gone for RAID with only two drives?! Are you mad?! #
  • @dr_nick half jokey, half the more disks, the greater protection against redundancy / HD failure. #
  • @dr_nick I have offsite online backup in a full-on datacentre with Mozy. #

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