Tweets on 2010-11-27

  • Casework, meeting, leaving dos. Busy! (@ Loxley House) #
  • @dr_nick prob too thin for pastry. Does what you're making pastry for really need to be quite that uniformly thin? #
  • Pondering the meaning of the word "fascentious" which just arrived in an e-mail. Hybrid of facetious and contentious? #
  • @MadameNottm where are you!? #
  • @MadameNottm Beeb website says -3! Could it have been windchill? Not that it's actually windy at all! #
  • @philipfh is it similar to this Nigel Slater newspaper article where he talks about embarrassment of buying instant? #
  • #bbchignfy showing the Guy Goma clip again. Wonder if they know or care Guy Kewney is no longer with us. #
  • @mithomas20 can't be as bad as Wonderwoman's hair. She can hear through buildings but has to move hair out of the way first. #
  • Yay, it has snowed. About a centimetre, but given the hill I live on, that means I'm now officially snowed in and can't move the car. #
  • So, #uksnow NG5 meh/10. #
  • #uksnow NG5 3/10 #

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